Horse Health Product Spotlight

New Hooflex+ is a 100% bio-available pelleted hoof supplement from Absorbine clinically proven to build strong, flexible hooves plus promote healthy coat, skin and hair. Hooflex+ is fortified with Natural Glo®*, a nutrient-rich absorption catalyst to aid in the delivery and performance of the highest quality biotin, methionine, lysine, vitamins, minerals and other key micro-nutrients.

Hooflex+ also contains 4Plex®EQ** minerals to strengthen immune system response and to help prevent hoof disease. Absorbine Hooflex+ is the ideal combination of therapeutic nutrition plus the latest in equine food science all wrapped up in a highly palatable pellet that horses love to eat.

Fortified with nutrient-rich Natural Glo® for maximum digestibility and performance

Highly palatable pellet form

Highest quality of purified biotin, methionine, lysine, vitamins and minerals

Contains 4Plex®EQ minerals to strengthen immune system response and to help prevent hoof disease

Completely bio-available. No fillers. No preservatives.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What is 4PlexEQ?

W. F. Young, Inc. is proud to partner with Zinpro Corporation, a leading manufacturer of organic trace mineral supplements for animals. Their patented complexing technology yields the most bioavailable and predictable trace mineral products on the market today. Absorbine Hooflex+ contains Zinpro's 4PlexEQ, a balanced combination of zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu) and cobalt (Co). Supplying these four essential trace minerals has shown benefits for numerous metabolic functions that impact hoof integrity, joints and skeleton, immune response, skin and coat, feed digestibility and reproduction.

The story behind the W. F. Young Family and the Absorbine® name dates back over 110 years...

Imagine the rolling green hills of the Connecticut River Valley. It's 1892 and after a successful eight-year stint as a piano salesman, Wilbur Fenelon Young leaves the music world behind and looks back to his childhood for a new direction. With new bride Mary Ida by his side and inspired by his love of horses, Wilbur developed a formula of herbs and essential oils. The formula was not harsh or blistering like the other therapies of the time; it would help keep a horse from going lame while gently reducing the swelling and stiffness. From a tub in their farm house kitchen, Wilbur and Mary Ida created Absorbine Veterinary Liniment.

As the popularity of Absorbine Liniment grew, farmers began to realize that this product helped humans too! Just a bit, rubbed into the muscles, would relieve the aches and pains of hard work and reduce swelling and discomfort. Word got back to our entrepreneur - using the original formula as a basis with some changes and refinements, Wilbur created a liquid for human use and introduced a sister product, Absorbine Jr.® Antiseptic Liniment, in 1903.

Demand continued to increase and the small manufacturing operation in Meriden, CT could no longer keep up. Lacking the up-front money to finance a move, Wilbur went to his father for a $500.00 loan. Charles Young always thought his son was foolish to give up selling pianos but agreed to help with the new venture. The loan was conditional - Wilbur had to pronounce himself in all advertising as Wilbur F. Young, P.D.F. - Pa's Darn Fool!

Highlights of our history... In the early 1900's, Walter Johnson - one of the greatest baseball pitchers of all time, appeared as celebrity spokesman for Absorbine. We coined the term "athlete's foot" in the 1930's. American troops in World War II used Absorbine Jr. to ease their muscle pains. Lucien Lauren, trainer of Triple Crown Champion Secretariat also endorsed Absorbine Veterinary Liniment.

Today, the Young family's fifth generation continues to market the company's flagship Absorbine liniment as well as a host of other equine and human products from its corporate headquarters in East Longmeadow, MA. W. F. Young, Inc. strives to maintain Absorbine's herbal tradition and transfer that into today's marketplace. We are committed to providing the highest quality consumer and horse care products available on the market today.
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