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Saddle Club Stable CD-ROM Game

Horse Gift

You're about to begin the most exciting Saddle Club adventure yet! It might also be the most difficult and this time you won't have the whole Saddle Club to help you out. A friend of the Regnerys' has invited Stevie, Lisa and Carole for a holiday at Willowbrook Stables, on Coventry Island. But only one girl and her horse can go. You will have to choose which member of the Saddle Club you want to be. Once on the island you'll have to try to solve a baffling mystery to save Willowbrook Stables from the evil property developer who wants to take over the whole island.

The island is a complex and colourful world of sights and sounds. It is home to over 30 characters, most of whom have lived on Coventry Island all their lives.

Even though the other members of the Saddle Club won't be with you on the Island, you can keep in touch with them and tell them all about Willowbrook Stables and your adventures. You will meet other horse crazy kids on the Island who will help you in your quest to save the stables. The skills Lisa, Carole and Stevie have learnt at Pine Hollow will come in handy in your investigations - horses are just as important on Coventry Island as they are in Willow Creek.

Along the way you'll find clues that will eventually lead you to the heart of the mystery. If you can solve them all, you'll uncover secrets that have remained hidden on Coventry Island for decades. You will have to be careful though as there are other people trying to solve the mystery, who will stop at nothing to do so. If someone else beats you Willowbrook Stables will be lost forever.

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