Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack Product Spotlight - Western Tack

The Twenty X Roper Elite Pad is a premium pad combining the Air Ride Suspension System with felt and foam rubber to create an all-in-one pad. The pad is designed with two layers of air cells and an UltraShock foam core which absorbs shock and distributes weight evenly across the horse's back. The closed-cell foam bottom absorbs shock, not sweat. The pad contours over the spine and is cut out at the withers, as well as beneath the latigo, providing an overall perfect fit.


Air-Ride suspension system... Absorbs shock, distributes weight evenly across horse's back
Alleviates pressure to the spine
Three-fourths foam... Absorbs shock, not sweat
Lockdown system... Eliminates slipping
Cut-out at withers... Maintains proper placement
30-day money back guarantee
Six-month product limited warranty

Twenty X Roper Elite Pad

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Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. ("PC Sports") is a market leader renowned for revolutionising the horse industry by offering products that prevent and aid in the rehabilitation of injuries to horses. Its reputation in the equine industry is the result of diligent scientific research and development, together with a commitment to providing products of the highest quality in the market.

Privately owned, PC Sports was founded in 1976 by Dal and Nina Scott. Since it's inception, Dal and Nina strived to shape the company into what it is today. They continue to work hard, promoting the company's growth and reputation by exploring new business opportunities and devoting a significant amount of time to product development.

PC Sports' headquarters are located in El Cajon, California, with manufacturing and distribution points spanning across Texas, Canada, China, and Mexico.