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Breakthrough Textile Holofiber Available for Equestrians from Tropical Rider

Horse Tack Press Release - Riding Apparel

Big Pine Key, FL — Holofiber has been called the breakthrough textile of the 21st century and it is now available for riders as the TR Energy breech from Tropical Rider. This fiber was recently seen in the New York Times and is endorsed by Olympic athletes in high performance sports such as the triathlon. This innovative fabric works with the human body to increase oxygen levels, which can build strength, increase energy and accelerate muscle recovery—keys for top athletes as well as recreational riders.

“This is a very exciting fabric,” said Sheree Ganske, CEO of Tropical Rider. Ganske found the textile at a trade show last fall and immediately knew how beneficial it would be for riders. She explained, “Riders are athletes and Holofiber offers the potential for increased performance. This is one of those rare cases in which apparel may actually help an athlete perform better.”

Over the past year the beneficial effect of Holofiber has been measured in clinical studies, initially on diabetics and then among non-challenged subjects. After wearing Holofiber fabrics, subjects showed a significant increase in the oxygenation levels of the skin. This occurs because Holofiber material absorbs and modifies visible light, altering it into energy. When Holofiber is worn as clothing, including the TR Energy breech, it transmits the altered energy to the body. This energy helps the body’s cells to be better oxygenated. The effects of better oxygenation on the body are well known, including accelerated muscle recovery.

The TR Energy breech offers riders breakthrough technology with the comfort and elegance that Tropical Rider is known for. The TR Energy also wicks moisture and feels very supportive. It is available in black in both pull-on and belt loop and zipper styles. For more information call 1-800-699-8560 or visit