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Horse Colic Remedy can save your horse, protect your investment!

Horse Health Press Release

Good news for horse owners and livestock insurance companys! New Horse Colic Remedy can save your horse and protect your investment! Now it would seem there is an antidote of sorts for Horse Colic, the leading cause of death in horses, which affects nearly 10% of the entire horse population, and costs more than $115 million each year.

Your horse does not need to die from Horse Colic . . . You can save your horse and protect your investment!

Awesome Horse, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Elite announces Awesome Horse Colic Remedy, a Pure, Natural, Organically Grown Herbal Combination, which strengthens the heart beat, restores blood flow, gets the gut moving, removes excess blockage, parasites & gas, eliminates shock, pain and pressure, soothes and heals the lining of the stomach, strengthens the intestinal wall and calms rapid breathing.

Until now, veterinarians usually tube a horse with colic and use mineral oil or liquid paraffin in an effort to lubricate the horse’s intestine and move the impaction. Mineral oil is slow acting and this method can take several days to clear the blockage in which case painkillers are used in conjunction with the lubricate subjecting the horse to possible stomach ulcers. However if the horse’s colic is due to twisted gut, stomach rupture can occur, blood flow is almost always interrupted, gangrene can set in and a horse that reacted violently to abdominal pain will eventually become quiet, go into shock and die shortly if surgery isn’t performed within 3-4 hours after the problem starts.

Colic symptoms may include stretching, yawning, pawing the ground with forefeet, restlessness, lying down, rolling from side to side, and frequent looking at the abdomen. Horses with severe colic can kick at the abdomen, frequently throw themselves to the ground, roll violently from side to side, sweat, refuse to stand, experience rapid breathing, and have an elevated heart rate. This in turn sends the horse into shock. When a horse is in shock, the gums appear very pale confirming there is restricted blood flow to the entire system and death usually follows.

Awesome Horse Colic Remedy dilates the blood vessels restoring blood flow in approximately 93% of horse colic cases. When blood flow is restored, all signs of shock will disappear. Restored Blood flow in turn gets the gut moving therefore diminishing any chance of ileus. (Whenever blood flow is constricted anywhere in the body, that part of the body starts to die) the length of time blood flow is restricted to the intestines determines the amount of damage toward the intestine’s ability to function correctly again. Therefore, L.W. Wrigley of Awesome Horse says, “Awesome Horse Colic should be administered anytime your horse displays colic symptoms.” Since Awesome Horse Colic Remedy is derived from herbs, there are no side effects and you should never hesitate administering the remedy in the event you are not sure your horse has colic. In horses, abdominal pain can easily be mistaken as foaling, tying up or kidney/bladder problems in which case your horse could derive a certain amount of health benefits also.

Wrigley says, “In the event your horse is not up and responding within the first hour after you have administered Awesome Horse Colic Remedy, it is highly probable your horse has twisted gut and is amongst the 7% of horses requiring surgery each year. You will know to call your vet immediately.”

Incidentally, the average cost of this surgical procedure tends to be $3,000 - $7000. Studies show only 50% of horses ever leave the hospital after colic surgery.

“We fully believe at some point, all livestock insurance providers will require those equine owners they insure to keep this remedy available in case of horse colic emergency,” says N. K. Golay, spokesperson for Awesome Horse. “Likewise veterinarians will consider the remedy a welcome solution in the event of horse colic since the horse will more likely live to remain a patient another day, owners will be more likely to repeat business when the outcome has been a success.”

For more information equine enthusiasts and horse owners alike may read more about Awesome Horse Colic Remedy at