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Mycobacterial Cell Wall Formulation Shows Promise in Treating Equine Endometritis

Horse Health Press Release

BELLEVILLE, Ontario -- Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. (TSX: BNC - News), a fully-integrated human and animal health biopharmaceutical company, today released the results of a pilot research study in Argentina using a preparation of its proprietary Mycobacterial Cell Wall Extract to treat endometritis in horses. Dr. Elida Fumuso, Ph.D. student at UNICEN in Tandil, Argentina, presented the results at the 6th International Symposium on Equine Embryo Transfer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Endometritis is a non-life threatening disease that affects 25% to 30% of broodmares worldwide. The disease results in low conception rates or loss of pregnancies if conception occurs. If not successfully treated during the acute phase (conventional treatment involves intrauterine or intravenous antibiotics for three to four consecutive days), the original infection can result in a chronic, degenerative inflammatory condition compromising future fertility and requiring a laborious and costly battery of treatments.

The study was conducted in March. It involved 30 mares, 10 of which were given a placebo with the remainder given the Bioniche formulation (10 intrauterine; 10 intravenous). The treatment had a 75% efficacy rate, resulting in faster recovery from post-partum infections in mares at foal heat and in the elimination of contaminating bacteria in infected barren mares. In both cases, the mares experienced improved fertility and higher pregnancy rates.

"These are excellent results," said Dr. Dragan Rogan, Vice-President of Research and Development at Bioniche Animal Health, a Division of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. "Endometritis in horses is a common problem in the equine industry which has resulted over the years in expensive, often repeated antibiotic use."

"We are encouraged by the study's results," added Graeme McRae, President & CEO of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. "Our formulation appears to boost the horse's own immune system, enabling it to fight disease naturally."

"Endometritis is a serious concern for breeders, often resulting in economic losses from therapies, repeated inseminations, and low foaling rates. The market potential for an alternative treatment to antibiotics is estimated at US $26 million in North America and the European Union alone."

The study results will also be presented next week at the International Congress of Animal Reproduction in Porto Seguro, Brazil.

About the Bioniche Formulation

Bioniche has a family of proprietary, patented Mycobacterial Cell Wall technologies. These are immunomodulators derived from Mycobacterium phlei with the known ability to enhance non-specific immunologic responses of the host. Their anti-microbial and anti-tumor effects have been documented.

About Bioniche Animal Health

The Animal Health Division of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. has marketing subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. It is responsible for research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of veterinary biopharmaceutical products worldwide. This Division has a portfolio of products based on proprietary technologies. The products fall into the categories of: reproduction and embryo transfer; immunomodulators; and vaccines. The primary focus of the Research and Development programme in Animal Health is on reducing the reliance on antibiotics in animal health care and on enhancing reproductive performance in animals

About Bioniche Life Sciences

Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. is a leading, fully-integrated Canadian biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of proprietary products for human and animal health markets worldwide. The Company employs more than 300 individuals and has three principal operating divisions: Animal Health, Food Safety, and Human Health, which includes Bioniche Therapeutics and Bioniche Pharma Group. For more information, please visit

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