Horse Tack Review

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Riding Apparel Product Spotlight - Boots

You won't find a better boot for cleaning stalls and tending animals. The Tack Classic™ is made with semi-rigid reinforcements at the toe, instep and rear heel to provide needed protection when working around hoofed animals. This boot also features the breathable Airmesh lining that keeps feet completely comfortable in a variety of climates and conditions. Hands-free on/off helps eliminate cross-contamination in the barn and home.

Be ready for anything with this 100% waterproof and 100% insulated boot! Insole is moisture proof and made with CR-Foam™ that is lightweight and flexible yet long-wearing and durable. Outsole has multi-ribbed tread for excellent traction and a sweat-resistant brushed nylon cover. Reinforced toe, instep, heel/achilles areas for protection around hoofed animals. Slipper-soft footbed includes a 7mm internal heel for lift and shock absorption and a 2mm FiberTek™ insole for maximum support and stability.

The Tack Classic™ by The Original Muck Boot Company™

Sizing Note: When determining your size, it is best to refer to your standard “Athletic-Shoe Size”. Muck Boot™ products are made in whole sizes. For use with thick socks or half sizes, please select the next size up. (Example: If you are an 8 ˝ size, select our Size 9 shoe or boot.) The best fit is achieved by wearing a medium-weight athletic sock.

What's so great about a Muck Boot™?

Muck Boot™ brand products go "Beyond Waterproof" by keeping your feet warm, dry and protected in harsh weather and messy working conditions. The secret to Muck Boots™ effectiveness is the exclusive self-insulating, waterproof CR-Foam "bootie" construction. The CR-foam bootie material acts as a "neutral medium" between inside and outside temperatures. As a result, the foot and lower leg stay warm and protected in cold and wet conditions. The material is also naturally lightweight, buoyant and very comfortable.

Muck Boot™ brand shoes and boots also come equipped with a comfortable 6mm removable Nitracel-EVA insole. The combination of 5mm CR-foam and 6mm Nitracel EVA provide excellent comfort and protection in extreme cold conditions.

The natural rubber overlays covering the external base also serve as a protective skin for the upper bootie. The upper is triple reinforced in the toe area and quadruple reinforced in the heel area. The outsole is made of high-abrasion natural rubber. The rubber used to make Muck Boot™-brand footwear will stay flexible for years and will not cold-crack like boots and shoes made of PVC and TPR materials. (P=Plastic)

(Note: CR-foam material is typically used to make "dry suits" and survival suits for maritime use. This material is proven to provide excellent protection in cold, wet and muddy conditions. Please exercise caution when venturing out for long periods in freezing cold temperatures.)