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In A Whisper Video And DVD

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The universal communication between people and horses, known as horse whispering, involves body language, understanding of temperament and a good amount of patience, kindness and affection. Riders of all disciplines will enjoy watching three masters, Craig Cameron, Josh Lyons and Pat Parelli, work their magic with individually selected green horses. Each trains their horse in adjacent round pens, culminating in a compe- tition of general handling ability, an obstacle course and special freestyle abilities. Entertaining, informative and truly amazing.

In A Whisper, the most highly anticipated documentary film of the year, is an insightful, entertaining, two-hour program that challenges the best in the world. Craig Cameron, Josh Lyons and Pat Parelli are simply phenomenal.

The In A Whisper Challenge takes place in the historical Sundance Square in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. An environment that would be challenging for even a well trained and seasoned horse.

This first ever contest was set up as fairly as possible so that each trainer would be competing on equal ground. The production wranglers chose six horses from the same ranch. All six horses were the same age, equal breeding, and same sex. The only human interaction these animals experienced in the first two years of life was being gelded. Not the best working relationship!

On August 3, 2002 all six horses were rounded up and hauled to Sundance Square where they where randomly sorted into six pens. From a hat where the trainers then randomly drew for two horses each. They had ten minutes to look over their two horses and choose the one they felt could best handle the challenge.

After the selection process the wranglers pushed the newly chosen horses to their individual round pens. The horses were moved through paneled ally ways to prevent any human handling. Each trainer was given two and a half hours to work their horse in preparation for the challenge at the end of the evening. They were given free choice of tack and equipment and were provided one production wrangler each to assist them with their tack.

The judged portion of the challenge at the end of the evening consisted of three sections:

First, the rail work or general handling ability. Walk, jog and lope on the rail in both directions. Turn backs, 360 degree turns in both directions, stopping and standing for ten seconds and backing their horse.

Second, the obstacle course consisting of seven obstacles.
1. Walking through an hourglass cedar log path.
2. Walking through a zigzag cedar log path.
3. Walking over three cedar logs.
4. An elevated jump or step over.
5. Trotting a "figure 8" around two 55 gallon barrels.
6. Taking a rope from a standing pole, which was attached to a cedar log, and dragging the log around the arena.
7. Roping a bail of hay and dragging the bail around the arena.

Third, a free style giving each trainer the opportunity to do anything he feels his horse is ready for.
All of this in front of nearly 2,500 spectators in the middle of Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth, Texas along with the additional pressure of eight cameras capturing all the action up close and personal.

In A Whisper