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Mikmar Bit Company Debuts New Line of Bits

Superior Communication, Flexion, Encouraged by Unique Design

Sunland, CA — The Mikmar Bit Company now offers an expanded line of bits for all disciplines with the debut of several entirely new designs—including a range of Mikmar Snaffle Bits. In addition, different mouthpiece options have been made available on many Mikmar Bits, allowing a greater degree of customization for each individual horse.

The new line was received with enthusiasm at its European debut in Aachen at the World Equestrian Festival in July. The Mikmar Bit has become a sensation in Europe, and in this year’s Olympics, more than 15 riders from around the world are using Mikmar products. The bits were developed to distribute pressure evenly between the nose, mouth, chin and poll areas, providing effective results without increased pressure or stress on the horse.

“Mikmar Bits have been used by world class riders from Ludger Beerbaum and Otto Becker to Chris Kappler. They all tell us the same thing—these bits work!” said Dan Weyand, president of the Mikmar Bit Company. “Our new designs provide even more options so that riders from all disciplines can enjoy the benefits of this exciting tool.”

The newly introduced Mikmar Snaffle Bits combine classic looks with a completely unique action. Because of the mouthpiece design, these bits combine the superior control and feel of a leverage bit, with the tremendous lateral flexion support of a snaffle. Traditional cheek pieces are paired with the Mikmar Patent-Pending Double Jointed Slanted mouthpiece, which is flat and wide and offers a copper roller with a low port.

With the addition of the snaffles to Mikmar’s line, riders now have choices which complement the original Mikmar products. “Riders are using the new bits as their ‘go to’ bits,” said Weyand. The snaffles work well from the show ring to the trail, and everywhere in between. New styles include the D-Ring Snaffle, the D-Ring Snaffle with bridle loops, the Full Cheek Snaffle, the Kimberwick and the Tom Thumb Pelham.

The Tom Thumb Pelham, as well as the traditional Pelham, offers an excellent alternative to either the new snaffles, or the original Mikmar Bits. The Pelhams have the kind of lateral flexion that riders need from a snaffle, while the curb rein provides great leverage action.

Both the original Mikmar Bits and the new styles now come with mouthpiece options so that riders can customize their bits for the needs of specific horses. The slanted mouthpiece has less leverage and is therefore somewhat better for amateur riders. The jointed mouthpiece offers a superior level of lateral control.

That control is key to Olympic Gold Medalist Otto Becker. “As far as control…the bit makes a difference for a horse like Dobel’s Cento, it works very well. He’s more together, and that’s what you need on the course.”

The Mikmar Bit was originally developed and patented in 1953 by renowned judge and trainer Frank Evans. At one time, Evans held 12 judging cards for various breeds and disciplines, so he wanted to design a bit that would work for hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage and western events. Evans spent a lifetime perfecting the Mikmar Bit, looking for effective results without abusing the horse. The unique design of today’s Mikmar Bit helps the horse to better understand the rider’s cues, which means a more harmonious horse and rider combination.

For more information on Mikmar Bits, visit or call 818-446-0063.