Horse Tack Review

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Wildflower Horse Treats

Horse Gift Product Spotlight - Horse Treats

Wildflower Horse treats are all natural, tasty and nutritious treats that horses really enjoy. They are a premier quality treat that any horse owner will feel good about giving their horse. Each treat contains only the very finest whole grain and organic ingredients. Wildflower Horse Treats have been fortified with essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, and Biotin.

There are no better quality horse treats available today. These treats are delicious, nutritious, beautifully packaged, and priced right! This is a product you'll be proud to give your best friend.

Wildflower Horse Treats

Crisp & Fruity Apple Oats - Contains real apples & delicious molasses. Horses really love the little pieces of New England autumn.

Crisp & Sweet Carrot Crunch - Sweetened with the fruits and vegetables that horses really love. A natural source of beta carotene. A healthy treat that will please any horse.

Crisp & Tangy Tropical Treat - A treat out of the ordinary! Containing real pineapple, each treat is topped off with sweet Turbinado sugar from Hawaii.

Sweet & Crisp Banana Raisin - The taste of Banana Bread for your horse. It would make your horse want to curl up by the fire for a long Winter's nap.

About Wildflower Horse Treats

Wildflower Horse treats is a family owned and operated business located in upstate New York near Albany. My very good friend, Dakota, is the reason I decided to create my own treats. I wanted treats that included only the very best ingredients and flavors that horses find really delicious.

I show my kindness and love for Dakota with a handful of these tasty and healthy treats. Good nutrition is the key to a horse's comfort and well-being.

- Carol Smeltzer