Horse Tack Review

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Rio Vista Hoof Stix

Horse Tack - Hoof Care

Putting on hoof dressing has always been a dreaded chore. After all, who wants to deal with that nasty can of goop and the brush that goes with it? Now, Rio Vista has solved the problem with Hoof Stix, the hoof dressing with the revolutionary new applicator. It saves you time and money.

Just unscrew the cap, squeeze Hoof Stix onto the entire hoof, top and bottom, and smooth it on. Your hands never touch it and your clothes stay clean and fresh. From now on, that dreaded task will be a breeze and your horse's hooves will get the protection they need through wet and dry seasons.

Rio Vista Hoof Stix. Sticks to the hoof... not to you!

How Hoof Stix can help you and your horse.

1. Hoof Stix hoof dressing is specially formulated to condition and strengthen your horse's hooves.
2. Use it in the dry, warm seasons to retain moisture.
3. Use it in the wet seasons to form a moisture barrier.
4. Hoof Stix takes the mess out of application and dispenses only as much as you need, so there's no waste.
5. Simply apply to a clean dry hoof by gently squeezing the bottle. Smooth an even layer on the entire hoof, sole, frog, bulb and coronet band.

About the product:It has a blend of essential oils and strengthening agents to give your horse healthy, hydrated hooves. Contains Tea Tree Oil, Collagen Protein and Aloe Vera. Hoof Stix penetrates deep into the hoof to protect and condition.