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Western Tack Product Spotlight

The Synergist Advantage is COMFORT. Because of our endurance background, we know what it takes to keep both you and your horse comfortable. Each saddle has a 1/2" of high-tech instant recovery foam (like that found in high end running shoes) built into the skirting to protect your horse's back . The foam follows the motion of the horse's back which allows freedom of movement. The wide spinal channel allows your horses' back to come up into the saddle eliminating pressure to the nerves along the spine. The extra wide support panels distribute the riders' weight over a broad surface.

For the rider there is a 1/2" of soft high tech foam under your seat to keep you comfortable and a "jean seam" channel down the center to alleviate pressure while riding.

The fenders are free swinging allowing the rider freedom of movement up and down varied terrain. They also eliminate knee and ankle pain caused by rigid fenders. The leathers are recessed into the tree making a smooth transition for your leg. The extra wide stirrups give excellent support and have a shock absorbing layer of foam and an aggressive tread to help keep your foot in place. We offer a bulkless rigging system that lies flat and is designed to cinch up under the barrel of your horse keeping it away from your leg.

For those of you who are tired of lugging around a 40 or 50 pound saddle, our saddles weigh anywhere from 18 to 30 pounds depending on the options you choose!


We have an easy to use measuring kit that we send you to properly fit you and your horse. For the rider, individual seat bone and thigh measurements are sculpted into the tree. We offer 3 different size fender systems that are based on your inseam measurement. And because woman and men are built differently your seat will be gender specific. You can have your saddle custom built for that 'hard to fit' horse, or if you ride more than one, we can build you a more generic tree bottom to fit the type of horses you ride.


Synergist Saddles are close contact and built for balance. They offer a combination of a Dressage style seat in a more secure Western tree. The stirrups are hung underneath you and aligned with the seat to promote a "centered" or "balanced" riding position.This allows the rider to ride with the action of the horse instead of behind it. The seat is contoured to position your thigh in proper alignment with the body's vertical axis promoting "Balanced Riding" which eliminates back, knee, and ankle pain.


Our saddles feature a high level of both craftsmanship and design ingenuity. Throwing away traditional views on saddle design we combine old world craftsmanship with the best that modern technology has to offer. We have concentrated our attention on the smallest details that go into every Synergist custom built saddle. Each saddle tree is hand crafted to provide the custom fit we are becoming known for. Every piece of leather is hand dyed with a unique touch. From the thread to the smallest screw, from the leather to the space-age indestructible foam padding, no compromise is ever made in quality. The result is one of the finest quality saddles anywhere at any price. And the price, we are happy to say, is competitive with many production line saddles.


We build each and every saddle to order. The list of options continues to grow. With over 45 options to choose from at present, you help use design your saddle and we build it for you. Whether you enjoy competitive trail, endurance riding, cutting, reining, or just a Sunday afternoon trail ride, together, we can design and build your dream saddle.

Choosing the Synergist Saddle that's right for you - available in both Western and English in four basic styles, Wide Pommel, Rounded Pommel, English Dressage, English DSS.

And because each saddle is custom made for the rider, you can add any options you want to the basic style you choose - making your saddle uniquely your own. At Synergist Saddles, we pride ourselves on customer service. Unlike other large saddle makers, we rely on direct communication with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Synergist Saddles is proud to announce that for our Western Line of Saddles we have adopted the EQUImeasure Kit to achieve an unprecedented level of custom fit for our saddles. See the difference our custom fit makes.

Our English Saddles are semi-custom and made in England to Synergist's rigid specifications with top quality leather and craftsmanship. They are offered in several seat sizes: 161/2", 17", 171/2 ", 18". For the horse it comes in four widths: narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide. We do not use the EQUImeasure kit for English Saddles.

We will speak with you personally about your riding before manufacturing your saddle, to help you decide which options will best meet your needs. And, you can contact us during the manufacturing process with any questions or concerns you may have. We're here to build you the perfect saddle!

Find out more and request a FREE informational video at
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