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The SoftStall System

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

It's not a rubber mat... SoftStall™ is a revolutionary therapeutic bedding system for your horse that greatly reduces your barn maintenance costs. What makes this product so unique and effective is its two - layer system that provides your horse with total comfort and you with total convenience and piece of mind.

The first layer of the SoftStall™ system is the soft yet firm mattress. The outer shell of the mattress is a geo-textile fabric which is sewn into a multitude of cells then filled with recycled rubber crumb. The mattress comes in two sizes, 4'x5' & 4'x 6'. The height of the mattress is approximately 2.5" in height. A stall utilizes several of these mattresses to cover the entire floor of the stall.

The second layer of the SoftStall™ system is the top cover. This top cover is a special rubberized surface reinforced with a geo-textile material woven into the rubber on the underside. The top cover is approximately ¼" in thickness and provides a seamless, durable, non-slip, non-permeable seal, wall to wall in your horses stall. This top cover is secured to the walls of your stall and will not shift once in place.

The top cover will not tear or stretch under the normal activity that a horse displays in its stall. Yes, your horse can have road studs on its shoes. The SoftStall™ top cover comes with a 3 year limited warranty against rips and tears.

Trying to describe the SoftStall™ system to horses owners is not easy. Since this stall flooring system is so new and unique horse owners are reluctant to believe the benefits…that is until they physically step on SoftStall™ and instantly feel the rewards their horse and themselves would receive with this product in its stall. The attributes of SoftStall™ benefit both the horse and the horse owner.

Equine Benefits:

Total Equine Comfort
The cushioned insulated non-permeable wall-to-wall stall surface immediately begins to relieve the stress on your horse's legs when it enters its stall. Your horse will be encouraged to lie down to rest more often, and for longer periods of time.

Air Quality
With the significant reduction of shavings or straw in your stall the microscopic air particles are reduced substantially. The result is a dramatic decline in respiratory problems and an increased oxygen capacity for your horse's lungs.

SoftStall™ enables your horse's stall to be completely clean from broken pieces of manure mixed in with your horses bedding. With this flooring system you are assured to totally remove the "wet spot" from your horses stall every time. This provides your horse with a fresh clean stall, avoiding the build up of bacteria that can be harmful to your horse.

Joints & Soars
Even with 8 inches of bedding in an average stall, your horse can still develop sores on its hocks or other areas. With the supporting cushion effect of SoftStall™ you may never see a sore created by your horse lying down in its stall again. The remedial benefits of the SoftStall™ system aid in reducing stress on your horses joints and tendons. You will notice a significant improvement in your horses flexibility and movement.

SoftStall™ has proven to speed up the recovery time when your horse is confined to stall rest. The unique cushioning effect relieves the stress on your horses joints and tendons and promotes good rest, which allows the injury to heal much faster.

Most breeders fill a stall full of straw when they are expecting a newborn foal to arrive. Straw can create as much dust as shavings. With SoftStall™ only a fraction of straw needs to be added to absorb moisture. It is also the perfect alternative as the soft cushioned effect provides ample warmth and a sure-footed surface for the active new born.

Owner Benefits:

As we know, owning or managing an equine business can be costly. The question becomes, "How do I reduce my costs without jeopardizing the quality of my horse care?" Owning horses not only costs money but time as well. SoftStall™ can provide the horse owner with the best of both worlds, saving time and money. You can't afford not to take a closer look at SoftStall™.

With SoftStall™ you only need apply 30% of the bedding you use now. That is a 70% reduction in you current bedding costs.

With only 30% of the bedding used in a SoftStall™ your labor time will be cut in half. Whether you pay someone to clean your barn or do it yourself, you will quickly see the savings in both money and time.

Stall Maintenance
Unless the floors of your stalls are concrete, most stalls have to be leveled every one - two years on the average. The time and expense associated with this venture is costly. With SoftStall™ you will never have to level your stalls again. If your stall floor is concrete, urine is absorbed which creates unwanted odours. The non-permeable surface of SoftStall™ does not allow urine to leak through as conventional rubber mats will.

Down Time
When your horse is injured the longer it is out of commission the more it costs you in both loss of use and veterinary bills. SoftStall™ has been proven to reduce horse downtime and speed up its recovery. With the benefits this stall floor system provides it can act as a preventative measure. What is the value of this to you?

It's amazing how fast the manure pile grows. With a 75% reduction in bedding, you will be amazed how much slower that pile will grow. With stricter government regulations on bedding/manure waste control on the way, SoftStall™ will play a large part in how often you will have to dispose of your forever-accumulating waste.