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Two Horse Enterprises Adds Night Rider Safety Equipment

Horse Tack Press Release

Being caught out on a trail after dark can happen even during the best planned rides. Trail detours, stopping to take pictures, a picnic lunch in a meadow, visiting with friends along the trail can turn a day ride into a night of darkness. Two Horse Enterprises, dedicated to trail riding and horsecamping, has added 'Safe-1 Equine Safety Equipment" to its website and catalog. Specifically designed for night use, the equipment is 'reflective' to help protect riders and horses. Especially those returning to dark trail heads, staging areas, stables or barns along trails that are beside or cross busy roads. Plus endurance and competitive riders have found Equine Safety Equipment valuable for night rides.

Reflective Leg Bands or for more night visibility, Flashing 5-Light LED Reflective Leg Bands attach easily to a horse's legs so horse and rider can be seen on the darkest of trails. Or where trails cross busy roads and streets. Reflector Tail bands provide a 'rear view' reflection. And bright yellow Reflective Safety Horse Halters of nylon/poly with reflective strips on nose and cheeks help to protect the horse tied to trailer or hitching rail in a dark trail head, staging area or barnyard. And for horsecamping, Reflective Safety Horse Halters are easy to locate when hanging on a fence post in a dark horsecamp!

In addition to Leg Bands, Tail Reflectors and Safety Horse Halters, a Three-Piece Reflective Halter/Bridle Kit is available. Each piece can be attached around brow or nose band, side of headstall and then removed when not in use and carried easily in cantle or saddle bags. If caught out on a trail after dark with a friend, one reflective piece of gear on each horse's bridle is better than none at all!

For riders, a super-bright LED Safety Light with a 3-mode function including emergency blinking can be attached to back of belt, jacket collar, tied to saddle strings or even clipped to horse trailer latch when in staging area or for emergency use when parked with a loaded trailer.

All 'Safe-1 Equine Safety Equipment' can be seen on Two Horse Enterprises website,, or in free catalog. Catalog can be requested by calling (510) 657-5239, faxing (510) 683-9162 or writing P.O. Box 15517, Fremont, Ca. 94539. Or e-mail