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Press Release

The Lucky Stars Collection, a brand of collectible plush mini horses created by Wild Heart Ranch (, is based on an original legend of mythical wild horses, honors wild horses as recent mustang roundups and auctions take place across the U.S.

Representing the symbol to many of what is wild and free, others look at the wild horse as a nuisance. As wild horses found on public lands throughout the U.S. come up for auction through the Bureau of Land Management, we are reminded of the legacy of wild horses. As they are adopted out, some go to new homes where they become champions in jumping or racing or can be used for pleasure riding or a companion horse. Some very successful show horses had their start as a wild mustang.

The Lucky Stars Collection of plush horses is based on the soon-to-be-published children’s story “Legend of the No More Night Mares,” about mythical wild herds. Illustrated by well known equine artist Kim McElroy, the images of wild horses come to life with a mystical beauty. Owners of the toys receive early access to the legend by using a secret password that comes with their toy, which allows them access to the full story on the website.

The 20-minute audio cassette of the “Legend of the No More Night Mares” will captivate the attention as the storyteller beautifully narrates the story of this noble herd of wild horses. The sound effects will make you feel like you are running with the herd as they are chased through the night to fulfill their destiny. Audio Clips: Excerpts and audio clips are also available to non-Lucky Stars owners. Background on Wild Horse Roundups:

For more info on the roundup program visit: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) :

Wild horse protection as law officially started in January 1959 when Nevada Congressman Walter Baring introduced the first bill prohibiting the use of motorized vehicles to hunt wild horses and burros on public lands. The House of Representatives unanimously passed the "Wild Horse Annie Act" on Sept. 8, 1959. The bill at that time did not include Annie's recommendation that Congress initiate a program to protect, manage and control wild horses and burros. In response to ongoing public outcry, members of both the Senate and the House introduced a new bill in the ninety-second Congress to provide for the necessary management, protection and control of wild horses and burros. The Senate unanimously passed The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act on June 19, 1971. The Act was amended later by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and the Public Rangelands Improvement Act.

Wild Horse Herds in the US

Wild Horses in Canada
Canadian provincial or federal law does not protect wild horses and killing them is not considered illegal. The few herds that remain in B.C. and Alberta are a legacy of the Canadian West worth saving.

Wild Horse Toys:
Lucky Stars 2004 Collection of Mini Collectible Horses with LED lights. The original characters come to life in a brand new design, to light up imaginations.

Magical mini plush horses that light up with celestial windows of the moon & stars! These 12 mini horses come in realistic colors, with long manes and tails to comb.

Each horse comes with a nametag & poem based on the original story of mystical wild horses - "No More Night Mares". Squeeze them and their blazes will twinkle like the stars in the sky.

About Wild Heart Ranch,
Wild Heart Ranch, Inc. is a publishing, entertainment and toy company that creates and licenses non-violent toys and products based on original ideas, stories, and characters. The 'Lucky Stars Collection', 'No More Night Mares’,' Armadillo Cowboy Club’ & 'I Sea Horses!' brands are all properties of Wild Heart Ranch, Inc.