Horse Tack Review

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Likit Horse Treat

Horse Tack - Horse Treats

The famous Likit is a long lasting horse treat produced to the finest quality standards. Likits keep your horse happy and interested even when you're not there! Likits are vitamin enriched treats which come in many fabulous tasty flavours to stimulate your horse. This high quality robust plastic toy includes an attractive lead rope and Likit.

Any horse kept in for lengthy periods is likely to become bored and liable to develop so-called vices, such as weaving or stall-walking. This is most likely to happen with competition animals which are extremely fit. This boredom can be relieved by "boredom prevention toys". Keeping your horse happy and relaxed is of major importance to his welfare.

Flavored Likit horse treats fit into a Likit holder which can be hung in the stable with the attached lead rope. Keep your horse entertained for hours! For best results hang in the stable away from walls.

Attractive colored licks in a range of tasty flavors:


Available from Victory Canter