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International Equi-Lite Riding Helmet

Horse Tack - Riding Helmets

The International Equi-Lite Dial Fit Riding Helmet is both versatile and fashionable. This new breed of riding helmet features the XL Stabilizing System to fit your ponytail, hug your head and reduce helmet shift, front to back. Nine venting ports for maximum air flow. Lightweight style with removable, washable Cool Max comfort pads and Snap Fit System visor.

The International Equi-Lite Dial Fit Riding Helmet Features the dial fit system which accommodates your ponytail, hugs the back of your head, and reduces the tendcency of your helmet to shift forward or backwards when you ride.

This riding helmet also features a total of 9 venting ports (five in the front and four in the back) to allow for maximum air circulation keeping you cool and comfortable.

The visor of the riding helment is equipped with IRH Snap Fit System - Allowing the rider to easily remove and replace the visor without using any Velcro tape. This is a cool, versatile safety helmet weighs in at a cool 10 ounces.

ASTM F1163.01/USA/SEI Certified. EN-1384/CE Mark Europe.

International Equi-Lite Helmet

Warranty and Disclaimer:

International Riding Helmets are made to the highest world class standards in helmet safety providing riders with quality, comfort and attractive looks at the same time. All IRH Helmets meet ASTM F1163.99, the newest safety requirements to date (Please Note: IRH Hunt Caps are for apparel only and have no safety features.They are not shown on this site.) From the date of consumer purchase, IRH helmets are covered with a one-year limited warranty to be free from defective materials and /or workmanship. IRH offers a Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy with all of its safety helmets.

This headgear is designed only for equestrian use. Although this helmet meets or exceeds ASTM Standard F.1163.99, no headgear can protect the wearer against all forseeable impacts. Under certain conditions riding or driving accidents can cause serious injury or death. The headgear must fit well, and all retention straps must be securely fastened. These helmets, except the IRH Hunt Cap, are constructed so that the energy of an impact may be absorbed through partial destruction of the headgear, through damage may not be visible to the naked eye. If it suffers such an impact, it should be destroyed or replaced. This helmet can be seriously damaged by some common substances without any visible damage. Consult IRH before applying cleaning agents, paints, adhesives and the like. do not use without reading the instructions available from the manufacturer. These instructions may be optained by mail if not included with helmet."