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Bobcat 5600 Utility Work Machine Finds Favor With Well-Known Horse Trainers

Press Release

Two of America's most trusted horsemen and educators are recommending an innovative new product from a recognized brand in compact equipment. John and Josh Lyons, father and son known worldwide as expert horse trainers and clinicians, are recommending the Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine from Bobcat Company. Introduced last year, the Toolcat 5600 has great appeal for horse owners, John Lyons said, because of its versatility. It's the first machine of its kind — a two-person, four-wheel drive, all-wheel steer unit featuring exceptional cargo-bed and towing capacity, and utilizing front- and rear-mounted attachments to perform a variety of tasks.

John said the model may be new to horse owners, but the Bobcat brand name is not.

"It stands for stability and research," he said. "It's a company that has the research behind a product, the ability to take care of it, and a guarantee of its durability. That's what the Bobcat brand means in this market."

Both John and Josh Lyons already recommend several of the industry's leading brands, including Wrangler Jeans, Cargill/Nutrena, Sundowner Trailers, Summergreen Systems, Pfizer Animal Health, Source, Northeast Conversions, Professional's Choice, Chinook Stalls, and Nelson Manufacturing Company. Bobcat was added to that list after John and Josh first saw the Toolcat 5600 at the Equine Affaire in Ohio last year.

"We will only deal with companies we know are solid, do a great job servicing the horse owners and provide a product we think is of value," John said. "Value is such an important part of providing a product or service."

He added, "The Toolcat 5600 ends up being quite a few different tools in one. It isn't just a vehicle to throw a few bales of hay or manure in or run around your place with; it ends up actually helping us — it gives us a running-around vehicle to check fences, feed horses, and clean stalls with, and it'll move things around our place in a more convenient manner. It replaces a small tractor, loader, forklift, mower, and all the different attachments."

John and Josh don't speak in hypothetical terms; they know from experience how the Toolcat 5600 can help around the ranch. The Lyons' have one at their facility in Parachute, Colorado.

"The fact that we can have a bucket with a load of manure on the front and feed and grain in the back means we can get two jobs done at once," Josh said. "We can also mow with it, and we can use it to move snow in the winter ... we can do all kinds of jobs with it."

John also likes the enclosed cab option — the feature that most struck him the first time he saw the Toolcat 5600.

"That cab is really nice," he said. "You're not freezing your face and fingers off when you're moving snow around or feeding horses in the winter ... in the summertime, you don't have to worry about deer flies or dealing with dust or mosquitoes in the evening. It's also easy to take someone with you when you run around or do maintenance. And you can talk to each other."

John said viewers that tune into the Lyons' new program on RFD-TV starting this October may catch a glimpse of the Toolcat 5600. Horse owners may also see him running around in the 5600 or the new Bobcat® 2200 4x4 utility vehicle at some of the horse shows this fall and next spring. He sees their support of the Bobcat products as more of a recommendation than endorsement.

"I'm just interested in helping horse owners," John said. "I look at this as a service we get to provide. We have an opportunity to learn about good things in the market and pass them on."

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