Horse Tack Review

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New Equine Wear

Horse Tack - Horse Boots

New Equine Wear - is at the world forefront of protective boot development for horses - A specialist company dedicated to the welfare of the horse and peace of mind of the rider. N.E.W equine boots have been developed with the aid of experts in equine anatomy and conformation, together with competitors at the highest levet in equestrian sport. Their own factory in England, manufactures all products, making extensive use of advanced material technology, for outstanding performance.

New Equine Wear's wide range of horse products are available from Equestrian Collections. Here is a sampling of what is available:

NEW Equine Wear Hoy Travel Boots (pictured above) - The Hoy Travel-Wise boots are well designed to provide all around protection for shipping horses. Extra padding and reinforcement protects the hock and knee, while the soft, breathable lining and padding offers travelling comfort. Very easy to use - with only two velcro closures per boot!

NEW Equine Wear SureFit Over Reach Boot - The unique roll collar design is a breakthrough in minimalizing the risk of rubbing.

NEW Equine Wear Puissance Hind Fetlock Boot - A lightweight, no turn, ankle boot.

NEW Equine Wear Grand Prix Fetlock - Effective brushing protection when riding out or show jumping.

NEW Equine Wear Club Boot Front - A comfortable, protective general purpose boot from N.E.W. Equine Wear.

NEW Equine Wear Dressage Boot - Offers essential protection for all daily dressage training and warm-up.

NEW Equine Wear Leather Competition Boots - The maximum in protection for steeplechase and cross country.

NEW Equine Wear Grand Prix Tendon - These open front boots provide the maximum protection for all training and competitive show jumping.