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Snak-a-Ball Horse Treat Toy

Horse Tack - Horse Treats

Make feeding time fun and get your horse to work for its food. Ideal for the horse that eats its pellets too quickly. The Snak-a-Ball stimulates a natural grazing behaviour which is beneficial to your horses digestion. The Snak-a-Ball is made from heavy duty robust plastic for use in the stable and paddock. For best results use with pelleted feed only.

How to make the most of your Snack-a-Ball In order to get the most from your Snak-a-Ball follow these simple steps:

1. For best results only use pelleted feed, i.e. pony nuts - no course mixes.

2. Introduce your horse to the ball by letting him smell the ball and its contents, then gently push the ball to allow some of the pellets to fall - he will catch on pretty quickly.

3. To encourage a nervous horse to play, try smearing molasses on the ball.

4. Try using the Snak-a-Ball both in and out of the stable. Particularly when there is little or restricted grazing.

About Likit Products

Likit Products is an innovative and concept orientated business, formed to explore new products and ideas for the pet and equine consumables market.

Founded in March 2002, Likit Products manufactures, in conjunction with parent Scotmin Nutrition Ltd, one of UK's largest independent feed supplement producers.

How are Likits made?

Likit toys and treats are manufactured in Scotland, at a purpose built factory, to ISO9002 international quality standards. Likit treats use the finest human food raw materials ensuring the best for your horse. Toys and treats undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that every Likit product reaches you in first class condition.

Likit® Snak-A-Ball Toy for Horses