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New O'Connor Book Published

US Eventing

PRIMEDIA Equine Network is pleased to announce the publication of Life in the Galloping Lane, by Karen and David O'Connor, with Nancy Jaffer. For the first time Olympians Karen and David O'Connor, the dynamic first couple of American eventing, tell their inspirational story in this new book. Starting with their early years as typical horse-loving kids who took care of their own mounts in the backyard, this book takes you on a fascinating ride through two remarkable careers.

The O'Connors are as candid about their early, character-building failures as they are about their later successes, which include two Olympic team medals and David's individual gold at the Sydney Olympics. The image of David galloping around the arena with the American flag streaming out behind him is one of the most memorable of the 2000 Games, aptly symbolizing this remarkable rider's commitment to horses and representing his country.

The tale unfolds in the O'Connors' own words, with such openness and ease that it makes readers feel as if they were having a relaxed conversation with two of the best-known stars in the equestrian world.

David reveals how he felt as he lost his bearings for a few seconds on the show jumping course at Sydney, where the gold medal hung in the balance. Karen tells how she overcame early doubts about making horses a career and went on to win some of the biggest events in the world, including Rolex Kentucky.

Life in the Galloping Lane offers a rare glimpse into the world of international eventing, featuring many of the sport's biggest names, including Jim Wofford, Mark Phillips, Bruce Davidson, Mark Todd, Mary King, and, of course, the horses-Custom Made, Prince Panache, Giltedge, Biko, Wilton Fair, and more.

The book also includes insights from Karen and David that range from training tips to an exploration of their thoughts about the sport to which they have devoted their lives.

Their simple, direct style offers a riveting, fast-moving read and a unique insight into two celebrated competitors. The book is as enjoyable for a youngster who idolizes this all-American couple as it is for anyone who relishes a tale in which the determination to succeed overcomes all obstacles.

In the words of former Olympian Jim Wofford, who has coached both O'Connors, "This is an incredible journey, told with their trademark sense of humor, with honesty, and above all with their love of horses on display. We are lucky to have Karen and David in the horse world, and even luckier that they have shared their story with us."

Life in the Galloping Lane, priced at $29.95 and available through the USEA-call (703) 779-0440, ext. 3014 or 3003. The book is 190 pages long, 6" x 9.5", with color and black and white photos.