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Searching for a gift for a horse? Going to a barn holiday party or maybe a horse's biorthday party? Either way, we've put together a list of horse gifts that would put an apple in any horse's eye. Maybe you're not searching for a horse 'gift' at all, and just looking for a sweet suprise for your favorite equine buddy. We're sure you'll find something here!

The following are available from the Jeffers Equine Super Store!

Stud Muffins - Every horse turns into a bundle of love and affection as they linger over these generously sized, moist and chewy morsels. The handmade, all-natural treats contain whole wheat, oats, molasses and coat- brightening flax seed, but all your horse will care about is how incredibly wonderful they taste.

Red Barn Horse Treats "Sampler" Gift Pack - Contains all 10 of Red Barn's flavors in one convenient package. Each package contains 3 treats. The flavors include: apply, berry, carrot, original apricot, peach, nectarine, peppermint, honey and licorice.

Pony Pops and Pony Pops Lic'n Spin Holder - These horse loving pops are all natural and contain no artificial flavors. Pops have a hard grain base that lasts for days. Can be hung from a rope, used in the Lic'n Spin Holder; a high density polyethylene horse-proof green holder, or mounted on a flat surface or pipe corral panel. All mounting hardware included. Flavors: Apple, Carrot, and Peppermint.

Cowboy Magic® Gift Bucket - Gift pack includes: (1) Body Sponge, 12 pk Multi-Colored Sponges, 16 oz Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo, 16 oz Cowboy Magic® Detangler Demineralizer/Conditioner, 16 oz Cowboy Magic® "Shine In-Yellow Our", 8 oz Cowboy Magic® Dry Skin Lotion, 24 oz Cowboy Magic® Super Body Shine Dust Control, all in a red Fortiflex® 8 quart pail.

Oster 7-Piece Equine Care Series Fashion Color Grooming Kits in Lime Green or Lilac. Each kit contains 1 stiff body brush, 1 horse hair medium body brush, 1 coarse curry comb, 1 mane and tail brush, 1 mane and tail comb and 1 hoof pick in a carry all bag.