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Horse Health Press Release

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Horse owners seeking peace of mind when it comes to the hazardous parasites threatening their animals can look to a new broad spectrum dewormer from Phoenix-based Farnam Horse Products. ComboCare™ is the only over-the-counter dewormer that kills ascarids, tapeworms, small strongyles including the encysted stages, and bots. This revolutionary product offers horse lovers a premium option in broad-based protection.

“This is so timely now because recent surveys show a significantly high proportion of tapeworms in horses in the U.S. These tapeworms have been associated with colic in a number of cases,” said Tom Kennedy, Ph.D, research and development director at Farnam. “Removal of tapeworms on a regular basis is what’s necessary for optimal equine health.”

Research suggests that more than 50 percent of horses tested in the U.S. have been exposed to tapeworms--including the most common species, Anoplocephala perfoliata. ComboCare™ provides praziquantel at a delivered dose of 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of horse body weight, which ensures effective control against the parasites. Praziquantel prevents the tapeworm larvae from clinging to the intestinal wall, causing the parasite to die.

Combining moxidectin with praziquantel, the dewormer also protects against the dangers of encysted small strongyles and bots, while providing 84-day suppression of strongyle eggs. ComboCare™ causes small encysted strongyles to die and dissolve in the horse’s gut wall, without causing further damage.

“Tapes and small strongyles are the critical areas of concern for the adult horse. What this expanded broad-spectrum control means for the horse owner is heightened protection against the dangers of colic, since tapeworms have been found to be a leading cause of the illness, and prevention against the serious threats from small strongyles,” said Paul Loomans, marketing director for dewormers at Farnam. “Horses are often infected in pastures, and the tapeworms are most active during the warmer months. Until now, tapeworms were not a big issue because symptoms were hard to diagnose, but new studies pointing to the vast exposure in the U.S. have significantly raised awareness in the equine industry.”

For more information about Farnam dewormers, in the United States call toll free at (800) 234-2269, direct at (602) 285-1660 or go to on the Internet. Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., is a privately held company and a leader in the animal health products industry.