Horse Tack Review

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Anky Competitor Dressage Saddle

Horse Tack - Dressage Saddles

The Anky Competitor is the ultimate design for perfect balance, correctness and comfort. Designed in super soft leather for an extra grip, this saddle features a modern knee block design for more support. It features a unique girthing system for the utmost in security. Wool flocked panel in soft, pliable buffalo grained leather uses Prittards WR100 Cruiser Leather on the seat and knee pad for extra grip.

· Regular and wide tree widths
· Made with selected French leather

Anky van Gunsven's successful trajectory and perfect technique on dressage discipline, combined with Nelson Pessoa's experience on saddles design, have given birth to the exclusive "Anky Dressage". Designed to give power to the gracefulness and looseness, typical of dressage, Anky Dressage secures the rider's contact with the horse, making each movement more precise and improving control. Flap design and large knee rolls position rider's leg correctly. A saddle of pure lines, unsurpassable comfort and perfect balance.

Pessoa - Creating the Perfect Saddle

Since its arrival in Europe in 1962, Nelson had been pursuing a difficult task: creating the perfect saddle.

In 1968, the famous Hermès Saddlery Company in Paris asked the renowned rider to design a jumping saddle that would respond to modern criteria. Then, Nelson launched his own trademark in 1971 and has continued to develop his revolutionary designs.

Top Skilled Craftsman

The classical riding style of Nelson Pessoa is an inspiration for every rider. No wonder an impressive number of champions have selected his saddles. Among them are the reigning world champions: Rodrigo Pessoa and Blyth Tait. Besides this, the Pessoa line benefits directly from the results of the international competitions benchmark. Nelson places as high demands on the craft as on the quality of his equipment.

Under his control, top skilled craftsmen manufacture his original creations: the Pessoa items are identical to those used every day by the Master.