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Red Rum Horse Wipes, Grooming, Health and Rider Products

Horse Tack Review Staff

New to the United States, Red Rum horse products had been sold exclusively in the UK for several years. The product line is named after horse “Red Rum,” who had won the most Grand National titles in UK history. Those are some ‘shoes’ to fill, and we think they are on their way…

Red Rum features a complete line of horse and rider care products. A wide range of pocket-sized wipes in re-sealable containers as well as horse hoof and coat care products, leather care, wound care and even boot hat deodorizer. The wipes come in easy to use containers that help cut down your horse care time. Red Rum Wipes are convenient to take to shows and on the trail as well.

Red Rum Wipes:

Eye wipes – for removing discharge around the horse’s eye and help to prevent blockage of tear ducts. The gentle formula is non-irritating and will not harm the horse. (Note: these are not for treating eye conditions. If your horse’s eye(s) are swollen, cloudy, tearing excessively, you should have the horse checked by a vet.)

Red Rum Eye Wipes

Top and tail wipes - for use around the nostrils, muzzle, legs and anal areas. When you don’t have the time (or weather) for bathing these areas, or even for last minute pre-show touch-ups, these wipes get the grunge out.

Wound wipes - Formulated to clean mud, blood and deposits from wound areas and to protect against bacteria and infection. These wipes are an absolute necessity when trail riding. Consider them a first aid wipe for your horse – great for daily wound cleaning.

Red Rum Wound Wipes

Coat Gloss wipes - A unique formulation to condition the coat to leave it feeling soft with a healthy shine. Regular use repels dirt and dust and makes grooming easier. An excellent substitute for a shine spray when on your way into the show ring. When riding indoors, these help repel arena dust!

Red Rum Coat Gloss Wipes

Sheath Cleaner wipes - Effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal wipes which gently soften and remove grease from the sheath area of the male horse. Okay, these work, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Red Rum Sheath Cleaner Wipes

Leather wipes - A blend of oils, polish and cleansing agent to lift mud and grease, feeding and caring for leather tack and accessories. These were our favorite Red Rum Wipe! Use them after each ride on bridles, saddles and boots to keep your tack in tip top shape. Regular use will cut down the time it takes to really clean your tack too (since it’s already clean!)

Red Rum Leather Wipes

Hand Wipes - To clean hands of grease and mud after grooming or riding. The hands wipes are a must in a barn without a place to wash your hands. Protects against germs and deodorizes. The hand wipes leave hands feeling fresh, soft and cared for. Keep hand wipes in the car and at home too!

Red Rum Sprays

Coat Gloss Spray - A unique formulation to condition the coat leaving it soft with a healthy shine. Regular use will repel dirt and dust and make grooming easier. In addition to the Coat Gloss Wipes, the spray helps to repel arena dust while riding indoors. Now that the weather has cooled, and more of us will be riding indoors, this will help us keep our horses cleaner longer.

Red Rum Coat Gloss Spray

Mane and Tail Detangler - A special formulation which coats the individual strands of hair to strengthen, protect and effectively detangle to aid grooming. Leaves hair with a glistening shine. I have to admit, at first we were a bit skeptical of the detangler spray. It went on a bit greasy. However, after it dried, it was beautiful. The horses tails were so much easier to manage, soft and shiny! And after riding, on a dry and dusty day, we even noticed that the detangler shine kept the tails cleaner. I wonder if the people at Red Rum are aware that the detangler is just as good as the Coat Spray at repelling dust?

Red Rum Mane & Tail Detangler

Whitener Spray - An effective spray which removes stains and neutralizes yellowing to give a startling brilliance to the coat. Another necessity for the show ring! Not only will the Whitener Spray whiten the gray and white horses, it really brightened the white markings on the bays and darker horses. Is there some unwritten rule that after a bath the one white sock a horse has ends up knee deep in the muck? Not to worry any longer! Brush off the dirt and spray away – good as new!

Red Rum Whitener Spray

Red Rum Rinses

Soothing Rinse - Containing Witch Hazel and Arnica, this is the ideal way to cool a tired horse after exercise, soothe tired limbs and reduce swelling. Also removes sweat, dirt and deodorizes leaving a fresh cucumber fragrance. Simply add to a bucket of water and sponge over the horse or pony. No need to rinse off. The soothing rinse seemed to be a hit with the horses, especially after an intense ride. They almost appeared to calm down and enjoy it – sometimes I really wish they could talk!

Red Rum Soothing Rinse

Sheath Cleaner with Mint - Removes grease and deposits to fight bacterial and fungal infections. Deodorizes and freshens. Removes grease and deposits to protect against bacterial and fungal infections. Deodorizes and freshens – okay, another one we’ll pass on the comments - it works! And it can also be used around the teat areas of mares to remove waxy deposits.

Sheath Cleaner with Mint

Red Rum Hoof Oils

Hoof Moist - A quality formulation containing Laurel Oil and Lanolin to nourish the hooves and replace the moisture lost through absorbent bedding or dry conditions. Helps to prevent cracking and promotes the growth of strong, healthy hooves. After daily use on one of the more fragile horses hooves, there was a considerable improvement!

Red Rum Hoof Moist

Red Rum(TM) Clear Hoof Oil – A quality hoof oil to nourish and protect the hooves. Clear Hoof Oil adds a perfect glow for the show ring. This was the only product that we have a suggestion for – the brush. It’s a bit lacking in our opinion. The plastic bristles seemed to splash the oil a bit. But I will say this… the oil has a nice consistency to it. I prefer a thinner hoof product so that it is easier to apply. A little goes a longer way and after about a month of frequent use, the bottle is still more than ˝ full.

Red Rum(TM) Hoof Oil

Red Rum also offers colored Hoof Oil in red, yellow, blue, green and even purple!

Red Rum(TM) Colored Hoof Oil

Other Horse Products

Tea Tree and Arnica Roll On - Use to soothe irritation and swellings from insect bites and on muscle sprains and strains. Can we admit to using this on ourselves too? It does help sooth insect bites!

Tea Tree and Arnica Roll On

Anti-Crib Gel - Discourages crib-biting and wind-sucking safely with an effective formulation containing Chilli Oil and other unpleasant tasting ingredients. Imparts and instant hot tingling sensation upon contact with horse’s muzzles. This gel dries to a thin film and can be applied using the brush applicator in the cap to all surfaces around the stable yard. Red Rum Products for Riders and Tack

Red Rum Hat and Boot Deodorizer - Neutralizes and removes bad smells. Long lasting – and whose boots can’t use a little refresher? Admit it – they all can!

Red Rum Hat and Boot Deodorizer

2-in-1 leather Care - Preserves leather, prevents drying, rotting and mildew growth, and gives a superb shine to leather. 2-in-1 leather Care combines the best saddle soap and leather dressing into one product. Without a doubt the best leather care product used in a long time. Truly! Take a pair of paddock boots, wear them consistently for a year without cleaning them – they are now back to brand new condition. Actually, they are better than new because they were already broken in, but the leather is softer than ever. It is even easier to use than many other products out there. The bottle doesn’t drip and spill everywhere – the consistency of a hand lotion, it only goes where you want it to.

2-in-1 leather Care

Red Rum Shampoos

Here is an overview of Red Rum’s Horse Shampoos. Unfortunately, due to the colder weather, we will not be able to use them until spring!

Conditioning Shampoo - A luxurious deep cleansing shampoo to enrich and condition for the coat. Suitable enough for frequent use.

Red Rum Conditioning Horse Shampoo

White Horse Shampoo - A powerful yet kind shampoo which neutralizes staining to give shine and brilliance to the coat. Excellent for grays and to brighten white markings.

Red Rum White Horse Shampoo

Tea-tree Shampoo - A carefully balanced medicated shampoo with the soothing properties of Tea-Tree Oil. Helps to relieve irritation cause by insect bites and minor scratches. Promotes eradication of excess scurf.

Dark Horse Shampoo - A luxurious color enhancing shampoo to intensify highlights and lowlights. Will not stain white markings.

Red Rum Dark Horse Shampoo