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Toklat Tiblerline II and Yukon Horse Turnouts

Horse Tack Review Staff

When you hear of Toklat, you will likely think of their popular line of Toklat and Myler Bits, Irideon Riding Apparel and their saddle pads. But did you know that Toklat also carries a complete line of Horse Clothing? Toklat’s “Jammies” product line features Designer Hoods, Shoulder Guards, Tail Wraps and Tail Bags, Full Sheets and Saddle Covers, all available 21 great colors and prints. Toklat’s Rainier Sheets, available in either nylon or poly/cotton, are great for mild weather, and keeping your horse clean. Toklat also carries three turnout blankets.

The Aspen Turnout Blanket is made from Sportex, tested to be absolutely waterproof in the most adverse conditions. The Aspen Turnout is also windproof and breathable. The 1200 Denier Polyester outer shell with 3M coating provides a durable exterior, just what a turnout blanket needs. Touching finishes like the rolled piping, removable elastic leg straps, double buckle front closures, shoulder gussets for more freedom of movement., full nylon lining, tail cover and sealed waterproof seams make the ASPEN an excellent value.

Now, on to the reviews… Toklat provided to us two of their Turnout blankets for testing, the Timberline II Turnout (shown left) and the Yukon Turnout (shown right).

Timberline II Turnout

With a Suggested Retail price of $135.99, the Timberline II Turnout is affordable for everyone. The Timberline II is both waterproof and breathable, and features European style construction, with no back seam, to keep your horse dry and warm in all weather. A1200D polyester outershell is both tough and durable. The front and shoulders are lined with 70D nylon, but the body is lined with a soft Kersey that retains warmth and keeps your horse comfortable. The Timberline II has only a thin layer of fill, making this a great blanket for cold to cool days and allowing your horse to move freely.

Additional features include a gussetted shoulder, double buckle and Velcro® front closure for secure fit, tail cover and tail cord, bias surcingles, and removable elastic leg straps.

Yukon Turnout

The Yukon turnout (Suggested Retail $189.99) is constructed of Sportex®, a climate-control fabric that is not only waterproof and breathable, but also windproof! Sportex® has been tested to be absolutely waterproof in the most adverse conditions. With 220gms of fill, this blanket will keep your horse warm on the coldest days. The 1200D polyester outer shell with Teflon® coating is super durable. European style cut has no back seams, so your horse will stay warm and dry. And a full nylon lining protects the coat from rubbing.

Additional features include gussetted shoulder, removable elastic leg straps, tail cord and cover, bias surcingles, and double buckle front closure with Velcro® Closure Assist.

The Yukon Turnout is also available as Yukon Lite with 100gms of insulating fill (Suggested Retail $179.99) and Yukon Sheet which has no insulation, but a 600D polyester outershell (Suggested Retail $169.99) making it a perfect 3-season sheet.

Both the Timberline II and Yukon Turnouts were tested over a period of two months. During the last two months our weather has varied from 60° spring like temperatures to 0° (yes, zero) with a ‘wind chill’ of minus 10°. What impressed us the most about both the Timberline II and the Yukon was that neither blanket caused any rubbing on the horse’s shoulders. The European cut of the blankets causes less friction in the shoulder areas, allowing more freedom of movement without the risk of rubbing. The Timberline II was perfect during mild weather, and with the frigid temperatures, we added our own blanket liner for the needed extra protection. But forget using a liner with the Yukon Turnout – none needed there! (I think some of the other horses were jealous.) The Yukon provides both warmth and comfort, like your favorite fleece riding pants (maybe Toklat will turn this into a riding coat for people?) To care for a Toklat Turnout Blanket is simple too - Machine wash gentle cycle and line dry!

Toklat also provided us with their line of Carr Day and Martin Blanket Care Products. Sine the blankets were only in use for 2 months so far, we did not need to use the Blanket Cleaner or the Blanket Re-Proofer yet. But we did use the Blanket Refresher and re-fresh it did! You simply spray the refresher onto the lining of the blanket (or hat, saddle pad or other horse apparel.) As the fabric dries, odor-causing bacteria are killed and odors fade away leaving blankets refreshed. Refresher keeps blankets and pads smelling fresh in between washes.

The following blanket care tips and instructions were provided by Toklat. This useful information is for Toklat and all brands of horse clothing:

Cleaning blankets not only protects the outer shell, maintaining blanket performance, but also keeps the lining soft and clean against the horse’s skin. Dirty blankets are the primary cause of blanket rubs.

For lightly soiled blankets, remove dirt by hosing off outer shell and lining with cold water and brushing outer shell with soft bristle brush. Treat with Carr & Day & Martin Blanket Refresher to kill bacteria and remove odor.

For heavily soiled blankets/seasonal cleaning, remove as much dirt as possible by hosing and brushing with a medium bristle brush. Wash in front-load machine in cold water on gentle cycle. (Do NOT use top load machines. Agitators can damage the blanket). Use Carr Day and Martin Blanket Cleaner or a mild detergent designed for blanket washing. Line dry. Re-treat for waterproofness if necessary using Carr Day and Martin Blanket Reproofer (liquid wash or aerosol spray).

Carr Day and Martin Blanket Care Products:

Blanket Cleaner (All Fabrics)
Carr Day and Martin Blanket Cleaner removes tough stains, grease and odors using an anti-bacterial, pure soap formulation which protects the existing repellency of the blanket. Household detergents leave a damaging residue that strip the blanket of its water repellency and prevent subsequent waterproofing. The Blanket Cleaner will remove the damaging residues left by previous use with household detergents and prepare the blanket for effective re-proofing. The Blanket Cleaner is suitable for use in a washing machine or can be splashed on and washed manually. It is also suitable for washing all types of horse clothing including stable rugs, saddle cloths, leg boots etc. One 450ml bottle will clean one full size blanket.

Blanket Re-proofers (Synthetic and Breathable Fabrics)
Once cleaned, the blanket can then be re-proofed if necessary. To check if re-proofing is required by flicking water droplets onto the surface of a dry blanket. If they bead on the surface, the blanket repellency is good. If the droplets disperse and soak into the fabric or ‘wet out’, the blanket requires re-proofing.

Carr Day and Martin Blanket Re-proofer can be used either in the washing machine or simply painted on. The formulation is solvent-free so there are no unpleasant fumes on application. Treated blankets need to be left to dry naturally for 48 hours, 24 hours to dry the blanket and a further 24 hours to ‘cure’ before use. Blanket Re-proofer will effectively provide exceptional water repellency all year round without affecting the breathability of the blanket. One 500ml bottle will re-proof one full size blanket.

Carr Day and Martin Blanket Re-proofer is a quick drying spray which provides a high degree of repellency. The easy to use aerosol (which should be used outside or in well ventilated areas) is ideal for touch ups, repairs, leaks and reinforcing seams throughout the season. The blanket should be allowed to dry overnight before use; once dry, it is clear and odorless. A 500ml aerosol will re-proof one full sized blanket.

Blanket Refresher
Carr Day and Martin anti bacterial Blanket Refresher keeps blankets smelling fresh in between washes. Simply spray onto the lining of the blanket, hat, saddle pad or other horse apparel. As the fabric dries, odor-causing bacteria are killed and odors fade away leaving blankets refreshed. A 250ml bottle of Blanket Refresher will last for up to 5 applications. The clear, non-staining liquid normally takes about 30 minutes to dry and is 100% safe, even for sensitive skin

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