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Beyond the Hay Days

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An easy-to-read, common sense handbook for all horse owners, from greenhorns to old hands. Beyond the Hay Days covers everything from simple hay-and-grain basics to vitamins, minerals and supplements, including the latest word on glucosamine, Omega fatty acids, bromelain and more. Learn how to meet the nutritional demands of horses at various ages and levels of activities, from pleasure horses to mares, foals and yearlings, to stallions and performance horses. Handy charts and tables put the information at your fingertips, and helpful formulas for calculating feed rations make this the one book on equine nutrition youíll read and refer to again and again.

Beyond the Hay Days

Table of Contents

1 The Art of Nutrition
2 Feeding as a Function of Design

Part I: Nutrients That Supply Energy and The Horseís Needs

3 Energy: Fuel for the Equine Engine
4 Nutrients That Supply Energy
5 Putting Things Into Perspective
6 The Fundamentals: Energy & Protein Requirements
- Maintenance Horses
- Older Horses
- Performance Horses
- Stallions
- Broodmares
- Nursing Foals
- Weanlings, Yearlings & Beyond

Part II: Nutrients That Donít Supply Energy

7 Enzymes: Catalysts of Life
8 Minerals: Elemental Necessities
- Macrominerals
- Trace Minerals
- Chart of Daily Requirements
9 Vitamins: The Missing Puzzle Pieces
- Fat Soluble Vitamins
- Water Soluble Vitamins

Part III: The Extras and The Basics

10 Exotic Nutrients
- Chondroitin Sulfates &Glucosamine
- Bromelain
11 Closing Considerations: The Basics
- Teeth and Parasites
- Wood, Sand and Sundries
- Feeding Tips
- Forages
- Grains, Fats and Extra Protein
- Basics of a Successful Feeding Program