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Aloe Vera Beneficial in Healing Horse Wounds

Horse Care - Press Release

Lexington, KY -- Aloe vera’s medicinal properties have been anecdotally touted for years, but science has proven what horse owners have long known—aloe vera helps in the healing process. Researchers at the Seoul National University College of Medicine have identified a glycoprotein that promotes cell growth. When combined with aloe’s gel-like binding quality, an environment conducive to growth and healing is created. In addition, immunologist Ian Tizard from Texas A & M has recognized aloe vera’s healing qualities. “The effect we see is significant acceleration of wound healing,” he said.

Aloe Advantage Three-Step Wound Care System

Scott Pierce, D.V.M. and Vice President of Research at Kinetic Technologies, explains, “Clinical research has proven the benefits of using aloe vera to aid in the healing process. Aloe vera is gentle on the tissues, and it creates a matrix that is important in stimulating new cell growth, resulting in hastened healing.”

Kinetic Technologies’ Aloe Advantage products incorporate aloe vera into a comprehensive 3-step Wound Care Systemä, as well as hair, skin, and hoof care products.

The revolutionary 3-Step Wound Care Systemä offers a step-by-step program for comprehensive wound management. Beginning with Phenol Wound Cleanser, phenol and aloe vera help remove dead tissue and secretions while numbing the area for quick pain relief. Step two, Hydrogel Phenol Wound Treatment, a gel spray of aloe, allantoin and phenol nourishes the wound, eases pain and helps fight infection. The final process, Aloe Wound Salve restores healthy skin tissue and promotes hair growth by clinging to the wound to form an invisible barrier against debris and flies.

“We have seen tremendous results from the 3-Step Wound Care System,” says Kerry Glakeler, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kinetic Technologies and President of Aloe Advantage. “The emails and photos we receive from veterinarians and consumers around the country just confirm what science tells us about aloe vera—it helps speed healing.”

For more information on aloe vera, visit Kinetic Technologies at or call 1-877-624-9693 for more information.