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Horse Classics 2005 Appointment Desk Calendar

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Besides the usual monthly notations, the Horse Classics 2005 Appointment Desk Calendar calender features week at a glance planning, a riding vacation directory & a place for medical records. It is the must have organizer for horse owners.

Horse Classics 2005 Appointment Desk Calendar


54 photos of all different breeds (minis to draft horses) doing a variety of disciplines (racing, jumping, dressage, foxhunting, polo, eventing, driving and more)

Riding vacation directory of 50 +/- places world wide

Over 300 dates of equestrian events

Equine medical record chart

Poly-bagged to ensure perfect condition upon arrival

9" x 6"

About Horse Classics

Horse Classics is a publishing company of calendars, address books, remembrance books and prints specifically geared toward horse owners as well as horse lovers. We started our company when we recognized the need for a convenient horse calendar targeted for equestrian enthusiasts. We ride competitively and recreationally on our own horses and know how hard it is for horse owners to keep track of their busy schedules. Horse Classics' stable of products includes Wall Calendars, Appointment Desk Calendars, Desk Blotter Calendars, Address Books, Remembrance Books, Equine Medical Journals and our Equestrian Montage limited edition prints.