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The Twelve Neighs of Christmas CD

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Your favorite Christmas songs sung by real horses, joined by their barnyard pals & some special human guest stars. Ten Holiday favorites sung by REAL HORSES, their barnyard friends and some very special guest stars!! Recommended by Young Rider Magazine!!! Featured on The Horse Show syndicated radio program.

Features 10 songs such as Jingle Bell Rock, Silver Bells, Blue Christmas & others!

The Twelve Neighs of Christmas CD

About the Critters...

Animals have been trying to get their voices heard ever since the advent of Mr. Ed, Rin Tin Tin, and Lassie. These entertainment icons of early television forged the way for future four-legged forays into film. "Babe," "Milo and Otis," "Beethoven," and "Cats and Dogs" are just a few of these recent pet projects which enjoyed both critical and commercial success. The enormous impact that members of the animal kingdom have had on the world's entertainment industry....well, is unparalleled.

Calling themselves The Croonin' Critters,a small but determined group of barnyard animals began a musical endeavor in early 2000. This was the brain child of Nellie, an exceptionally talented singing quarter horse. Under his direction, what these animals accomplished would be unbelievable if it had not been so emotionally captured in a fine recording. Proclaiming that all of God's creatures have the right to make a joyful noise, they decided to make an album that celebrates the most joyful time of year: Christmas. By practicing for over a year, relying on nothing more than a simple radio and talent, they collaborated with special human guest artists and came up with one of the most joyful holiday albums ever. These barnyard artists have given a superb debut performance on their first album-vocalizing their varmint virtuosity while also creating a musical masterpiece that will endure for many holiday seasons to come. Recently, they have signed a ten record recording contract with Barnegie Hall Records.