Horse Tack Review

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Sarah Lane, US Equestrian

When you consider the benefits, your membership with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) more than pays for itself. It’s that simple. And adding to the show ring safety, fair play, ethical standards and regulated judging USEF already provides, there’s a more tangible show-me-the-money kind of benefit many members are only beginning to learn about. That benefit is the USEF purchasing program, and it entitles USEF members to discounted prices on everything from tractors, trucks and shipping to phones, paint and printers.

Don’t think you can keep these treats all to yourself though. The news is quickly spreading through the stables and your equine partners are just waiting to sink their teeth into their share of the savings. That’s where Hallway Feeds comes in, a division of Farmers Feed Mill, located right here in the beautiful bluegrass. After forty years of experience as one of the region’s leading feed mills, they’re commanding a bigger and better-than-ever presence in the horse industry—and now you and your horse can have a share in the savings.

“It’s a great product; you’re buying it at a discounted price, you’re supporting the industry you’re participating in—it’s kind of a win, win, win,” says Lee Hall, of Hallway Feeds. “How can you beat that?”

How indeed! As the horse industry continues to grow in Kentucky and across the nation, Hallway has been working to develop a high-performance feed. They call it STAMM 30.

“It’s kind of the industry standard. The product was developed as a high-quality horse supplement. We service a lot of sport horses, and a lot of people who work with semi-professional or non-professional horse sports, too,” Hall says. “This is the product that will be the backbone of any feed they’ll utilize.”

Add in a special discount off the retail price, and USEF members are sure to reap the benefits, in the field and in their pockets.

“Depending on the number of horses they feed, this could impact them significantly,” Hall says.

To claim your discount on STAMM 30, call Hallway Feeds at (859) 255-7602. To find a Hallway Feeds dealer near you, log on to and click on Hallway Dealers.

To join the ranks of hundreds of USEF members taking advantage of deep discounts through the USEF Purchasing Program, give us a call and we’ll send you the details. Call toll-free, (877) 576-6872, or visit The program is free with your USEF membership, and believe us, there are no strings attached.

To share your USEF purchasing program experience, please call Sarah Lane, Public Relations Manager, on (859) 225-6974, or by e-mail at