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Quessence Rider's Products

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Quessence has developed a skin care line made especially for riders for protecting, softening, and soothing hands. Quessence is an extremely rich, non-greasy water based emulsion that penetrates the skin quickly and does not wash off. Because of the way Quessence is formulated, it allows the skin to replenish the natural moisture that it must maintain in order for hands to not become dry, red, chaffed, or even cracked.

Rider's Hand Cream

Riders need an extra performance skincare product for their hands. Quessence Rider's Hand Cream has been specially formulated by a rider for riders.

Quessence provides a barrier so that the skin is protected against the elements such as wind, water and dirt. Quessence also helps hands stay cleaner and free from odors while helping to protect them from so many of the chemicals and detergents that we use around the barn with our non-greasy hand cream.

Rider's Skin Care Lotion

Bonding Base SPF 30 Sunscreen - Which means this cream bonds to the skin and will not come off even with heavy perspiration. Quessence skin care cream also does not burn eyes. Other features: Hypo-Allergenic, Does not come off in extreme conditions, Water Resistant, Non- Greasy, Excellent Moisturizer for Face, Contains the Antioxidants Vitamins A, D & E, Enriched with Aloe Vera Gel, Greaseless, Fragrance Free, UVA-UVB Protection, Paba Free,

Rider's Lip Balm

Riders need an extra performance lip care product. Quessence Rider's Lip Balm has been specially formulated for exactly that reason. Quessence Lip Balm doesn't irritate or chap lips and is very long lasting. The Sunscreen - SPF 10 is an added bonus.

Quessence Gift Sets for Riders

Rider's Gift Set Includes - (1) 4 oz or 2 oz Quessence Rider's Hand Cream & (1) 0.25 oz Quessence Rider's Lip Balm with sunscreen.

Quessence Half Moon Shaped Tin Gift Set - Includes: (1) decorative half moon shaped tin, (1) 4 oz Quessence Rider's Hand Cream & (1) 0.25 oz Quessence Rider's Lip Balm.

Rust Tub Gift Set - Includes: (1) rust-like tub, (1) 2.645 oz almond horseshoe shaped soap, (1) wooden nail brush & (1) 2 oz Quessence Rider's Hand Cream.

Wooden Soap Dish Gift Set - Includes: (1) wooden soap dish, (1) 2.645 oz almond horseshoe shaped soap, (1) wooden nail brush & (1) small Quessence Rider's Hand Cream.