Horse Tack Review

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American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP)

Shopping for horse boots can be confusing. Horse boots have different purposes and buying the wrong boot may hurt more than help. The American Association of Equine Practitioners has given a brief, yet informative, list to assist in this process...

There are many types of protective leg gear available to fit your horse’s needs. The key is to find out which one best fit yours.

Splint Boots – Splint boots protect the splint bone, cannon bone and inside fetlock area from the external blows to your horse’s front legs. The lining on the inside of the leg gives your horse added protection against cross firing and interference.

High-top splint boots are also available to fit horses with long cannon bones.

Skid Boots – Skid boots cover the fetlock and pastern area on the back legs to prevent dirt penetration. They also aid in resistance and protection against crossfire injuries, burns and bruises.

Bell Boots (Over-reach boots) – Bell boots are ideal for activities that require protecting the back portion of the hoof. The lining helps absorb the impact of overreaching. A no-turn knob keeps the boot in place while protecting the coronet band and bulb.

Hock Boots – Hock boots are used to prevent bedsores. If you horse or broodmare experiences hock sores, this boot prevents further rubbing and promotes healing.