Horse Tack Review

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The Objective… to produce an advert that is fun, draws in the reader, jumps off the page and creates brand awareness. The Result… a piece of artwork that has been the most successful advert in Horseware history!

Designed as a movie poster, the Horseware Amigo advert has been amazingly successful. After hitting the press in October publications, the positive feedback on the advert has been streaming in from the media, the trade and the general public. To achieve recognition in all these areas confirms that the advert has stood up and been noticed by a serious amount of people.

As we all know advertising is always a difficult thing to measure and is almost impossible to gage how much return you have gained for your investment. Perhaps the only failsafe way of knowing exactly where your customers heard of your product is to ask every single one which is simply impractical, but with ‘The Three Amigo’s’, Horseware have been handed this invaluable information on a plate! The advert has become a talking point with every sale and customers are responding heavily on the helpline email.

“RE: Your Amigo ad....OUTSTANDING! This is the greatest horse-product advertisement I have EVER seen (as a journalist, I'd like to say, too, that it's one of the best ads, period, horsey or otherwise). Kudos to your advertising department on a fine piece of work. This ad jumped off the page and demanded my attention ... in a sea of so many horse blankets offered for sale this time of year, this ad hooked me immediately and reeled me in. Clever, funny, WOW!”

A success I think we’ll all agree!

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