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Horse Inspired Novel Reaches New Heights of Popularity

Horse Gift from Spoil Your Horse

Merrill Trowbridge Publishing has released the third printing of Amy Rowen's latest novel, April's Trust. April's Trust was written by the co-founder of in honour of the horse that inspired the business. "Animal lovers, horse enthusiasts especially, will be touched by this story." Kris Harper at Merrill Trowbridge exclaims. "The reviews have been outstanding even by those readers that were admittedly not big on animal stories."

The unexpected death of Rowen's horse, April, prompted her to write the story. "I've always found writing to be therapeutic and although we did have a lovely Memorial service for April, I still had a great deal of grief to work through."

In April's Trust two estranged brothers hassle with their strained relationship when they accept the burden they inherited from their sister. Yes, there was a lot of money——but in order to get the money they must care for their late sister's beloved, spoiled horse, April. However, the story depicts how resentment can become love. Love can become more important than even money when the brothers gain April''s Trust.

All events in this story involving April are true but rearranged to fit the story. The novel is an emotional roller coaster ride as it brings tears of both laughter and sorrow to readers' eyes.

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