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USRider Calls Horse Owners, Enthusiasts to Action

US Rider

Lexington, Kentucky – To further its mission to protect horses, USRider created a video focusing on the need for correct rescue training among emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officials, horse associations and other related groups that handle large animals.

Created during the first quarter of 2003, the Large-Animal Rescue video has been well received. Since its introduction, more than 800 free copies of the video have been distributed to organizations and individuals around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany and Argentina.

USRider is calling on horse enthusiasts to help ensure that the Large-Animal Rescue video attains the widest possible distribution. This safety-minded organization has released a map showing the various United States locations where the video has been distributed. USRider asks horse owners and enthusiasts to view the map to determine if the video has received exposure in their area.

Copies of the video are still available. In areas that the video has not been circulated, USRider encourages horse enthusiasts to send a written request for a free copy of the video to Attn: Large Animal Rescue Video, USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, P.O. Box 54711, Lexington, KY 40555. The request should indicate when the video will be viewed and the approximate number of people who will view it.

Administered by Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc., USRider provides roadside assistance and towing services along with other travel-related benefits to its members through its unique Equestrian Motor Plan. In addition to the typical flat-tire repair, battery assistance and lockout services, the Equestrian Motor Plan offers services and benefits designed with horse owners in mind, including towing and roadside assistance for a loaded horse trailer.

Funding for the creation and distribution of the video has been provided by the USRider Leg-Up Annual Giving Fund. USRider created this fund to enhance awareness of emergency equine response issues and to offer financial assistance to qualified, worthy organizations that provide emergency equine response. USRider donates a portion of its profits to create the Leg-Up Fund.

In addition to providing members with indispensable roadside assistance and raising money through the Leg-Up Fund, USRider features numerous exclusive discounts from nationally recognized equestrian retailers through the Winner’s Circle Advantage benefits program.

For more information about USRider, visit or call toll-free (800) 844-1409.