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US Equestrian

Lexington, KY – The USEF Search Committee for the new Show Jumping Chef d’Equipe has developed a job description for the position after soliciting important input from owners and riders at two forums, one in Del Mar, California on October 1st, and the other in Syracuse, New York held on November 7th.

Eric Straus, Chairman of the Search Committee, emphasized that this position will be different than ever before because it is, “a generational change, a functional change. We are embarking on a new era about how the team will be led and how show jumping as discipline will move forward. This position demands strategic vision as well as tactical expertise.”

The Selection Committee’s criteria emphasizes that the new Chef d’Equipe will have the opportunity to develop a strategic high performance plan for development of the sport across the entire country. “Our goal is to field the best teams in the world and bring home medals, while developing a constant pipeline of young talent for the elite high performance teams of tomorrow,” said Mr. Straus. “The new Chef will spend considerable time in the field to observe all potential horse and rider combinations.”

The job description is as follows:

The Show Jumping Chef d’Equipe will:

• Develop and, with assistance as needed from other staff, implement the 2005-2008 Show Jumping High Performance Plan, i.e.;

o Championship participation is the primary focus, followed by the Super League and Nations Cup series. The program should be constructed to parallel the FEI competition levels, e.g. Senior, Young Rider, Junior, Children.

o The form and soundness of prospective international competition horses and the form and riding skills of riders will be monitored, areas for improvement identified and communicated, as appropriate, to those concerned and responsible;

o The training and preparation of candidate horse/rider combinations for international championships such as the Olympic, Pan American, and World Equestrian Games, and other competitions mutually agreed upon by the Chef d’Equipe and USEF will be overseen. In this capacity, the Chef d’Equipe will travel to competitions in the United States, Canada, or Europe, advising riders, as appropriate, of areas for improvement.

• Serve in this role at the Olympic, Pan American, and World Equestrian Games, and at other CSI/CSIO’s as mutually agreed upon each year.

• Serve as an Advisor to the Show Jumping Selectors;

• Work with and under the direction of the Show Jumping High Performance Committee and the Director of Show Jumping High Performance Activities, and perform the duties outlined above at times and locations mutually agreed upon by the Chef d’Equipe and USEF.

• Exercise judgment and discretion in the manner and means by which the job is accomplished;

Additionally, there is agreement that on days when the chef d’equipe is required to perform services for USEF, he will not be engaged by another individual or organization on the same day without permission from USEF.

The Show Jumping Chef d’Equipe will have the following qualities:

• The will to win;

• Successful international experience at the Championship level;

• Proven leadership ability to guide the High Performance Plan to the Championship level, with the authority to do so;

• Demonstrated ability to work successfully with: athletes, veterinarians, owners, and fellow USEF staff members; and

• Provide assurance that personal conflicts of interest do not exist.

• Accessible, including traveling to all areas of the country and in contact with the riders, spending 50% of his time in the office and 50% on the road;

• Approachable, forthcoming with advice, and approachable enough so that riders do not hesitate to ask for it;

• Able to think strategically on a national and international level, considering riders throughout the country (probably the top 30 on the Computer List);

• Knowledgeable and influential internationally;

• Able to foster talent, i.e. guide the careers of horses and riders.

This position is noticed on the USEF website and advertisements have been placed in various equine publications. Interested individuals must express their interest in the position in writing, and include their CV and competition history. Replies should be sent to Mrs. Sally Ike, Director of Show Jumping High Performance Activities, PO Box 83, Gladstone, New Jersey 07934, Fax (908)234-9417, e-mail