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New Bits from Reinsman

Horse Tack - Bits

Reinsman has recently addred new products and clearance items to their website. They have added several bits, ring snaffles, Hackamores and English cross-overs. New Mike Beers headstalls, browbands and a new halter lead. Don't forget to check out their clearance items. Reinsman has added several bits this month at below normal prices! Here is just a sampling of the new horse tack Reinsman has added:

King Dee, 3/8” Medium Twisted Sweet Iron Snaffle -- 4” Cheek - 5” Mouth This mouthpiece adds a little bite for better control. It is excellent to school a horse that is trying to lug on the bit. This mouthpiece is still large enough to be ridden everyday.

Graduation Snaffle -- 1/2” Tapered Sweet Iron Snaffle 5” Cheek - 5 1/4” Mouth The design of this bit is enhanced by the solid purchase above the cheek. Genuine sweet iron mouthpiece keeps the mouth moist for a better feel. This bit is for the broken horse that requires a smooth light feel in the mouth. As the horse graduates into a finished open barrel racing or speed event the reins can be dropped into the rein stop and a curb chain added for control. Headstall attaches to small ring above purchase.

Little “S” Hackamore with Adjustable Buckle -- 6” Cheeks This is truly a versatile little bit. While this bit is not for every horse, it has found its place with breaking colts, pleasure, trail and mules. This bit is for well broken horses where too much bit is the problem. This nosepiece will adjust from colt to warm blood.

Master Correction -- 1/4” Square Twisted Snaffle 3” Rings - 5 1/4” Mouth This unusual bit has been exclusively in Colette Baler’s training techniques. It gives lift and a lighter touch in a few days. The small mouthpiece and design corrects the problem of dropping the shoulder and pulling on the bit. Headstall attaches to the small rings.

Mike Beers Roping Headstall 5/8” Roping Headstall. Made from Hermann Oak Harness leather. Double buckle cheek adjustment with throat strap and bit tie ends. Comes complete with Hansen silver, brass spots and antique silver with steerhead buckles and rossetts. Hand rubbed and finished.

Scalloped Browband Headstall 5/8” Crown with scalloped brow and cheek to add a little style to a stitched heavy duty harness leather headstall. The double buckle design makes this headstall easy to adjust. Made of Hermann Oak old world heavy harness leather for lastingdurability.Add your own concho’s for a personalized look.