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Sterling Horseshoe Nail Jewelry from Back in the Saddle

Horse Gifts

A farrier’s finery interpreted in a brilliant sterling silver jewelry collection. The Horseshoe Nail Ring has a hand-stamped detail, is adjustable, and looks sweet on fingers or toes. The unique pendant on the Floating Heart Pendant is cleverly crafted from two tiny horseshoe nails. The Double-Dangle Horseshoe Nail Earrings and Pendant are subtle expressions of your love of horses, while the lightweight Twisty Nail Pendant and Earrings grab the light and add sparkle. 1 1/8" long

Twisty Nail Earrings $48.95

Double Dangle Nail Earrings $64.95

Double Dangle Nail Pendant $39.95

Floating Heart Pendant $74.95

Horseshoe Nail Ring $39.95

Twisty Nail Pendant $39.95

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