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Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities Released by the AAEP

American Association of Equine Practitioners

Because of the vital services provided to unwanted and neglected or abused horses by equine rescue and retirement groups, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has developed a new resource guide titled "Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities." The guide is designed to help the non-veterinary caregiver successfully provide care to a rescued horse or a horse in need of rehabilitation.

Subjects addressed in the guide include basic health management and nutrition, refeeding the starved horse, caring for the geriatric horse and determining when euthanization is necessary for humane reasons. The guide was developed by the AAEP Equine Welfare Committee, chaired by Doug Corey, DVM, with special contributions from Lydia Gray, DVM; Andrew G. Lang, DVM; and Nathan M. Slovis, DVM.

"With thousands of unwanted horses in our country in need of care, equine rescue and retirement organizations are often the only facilities that can offer assistance," explained Larry R. Bramlage, DVM, MS, president of the AAEP. "The AAEP commends the work of these groups and hopes the guidelines will benefit the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and resources to helping unwanted horses."

"Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities" is available free of charge from the AAEP office. To request a copy, call 800/443-0177, or send an e-mail to