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Best Books 2004 Awarded to the Starlight Series

Raven Publishing, Inc.

Raven Publishing, Inc. announces: Best Books 2004 Awarded to the Starlight Series ~Author captures hearts of America’s youth, relating to today’s real-life moral dilemmas in a western portrayal: where heartache, triumph, losses and joy combine to illustrate that through perseverance one can make dreams come true.

Norris, MT~ Growing up in America today is not easy. Youth face life-changing issues and are required to adjust to constant changes. Single and displaced parenting. New marriages. New families. Adoption. Peer-pressure. Teenage angst. Racism. Heartache. Triumph. Loss. Joy. Love. Suspense for what life will bring them. The desire to persevere to see their own dreams come true. Weaving it’s story into this fabric of daily life comes the highly acclaimed Starlight Series that young teens and those that care about them directly relate to and identify with. Proclaimed by readers of all ages as stories they cannot put down, these books have a positive impact, cultivating a love for reading and instilling important ideals.

Although set in the world of horse lore, Miranda and Starlight, the first of the series, was touted by Writer’s Notes Awards panelists as “more than a mere horse story. It is a journey of courage and consequences.” The reviewer added, “My own children will read this story. In addition, Starlight Shines for Miranda, which is book five of the series, was graced this November with Best Books 2004 for Young Adults, by USA Book News. They announced, "Starlight Shines for Miranda is pure magic that celebrates the heartwarming relationship between a girl and her horse. A fun read!”

“…this documents Janet Muirhead Hill as one of the truly skilled storytellers writing for young readers today.” -Says distinguished review source, Children’s Book Watch, upon reviewing Starlight Shines for Miranda.

Miranda Stevens, age ten in the first book, encounters a number of adventures, quandaries and conflicts, most brought on by her impulsive and compassionate nature. As a teenager in book six, Miranda faces many of the conflicts that confront adolescents today. She forms lasting friendships, endures pain and sorrow, experiences triumph and joy, learns valuable life lessons, and faces a promising future, illustrating that through perseverance one can make dreams come true.

Starlight Comes Home, galloping into bookstores in the hoof prints of Starlight Shines for Miranda, is slated for nationwide release beginning November 20, 2004, and is the sixth and final book of this exciting saga of a young girl coming of age in western Montana. Starlight Comes Home, in the tradition of the first five books, provides heart-felt adventure and dramatically concludes the Starlight Series, but is also a good stand alone read. This novel is the author’s personal favorite! In time for the Holiday Season, it will make the perfect gift for young readers. Having 250 pages, it is fully illustrated by gallery artist Pat Lehmkuhl and is available for only $9.00. Look for it at bookstores nationwide, or purchase direct from the publisher at:, toll free at 866.685.3545. For more information contact Public Relations Coordinator Angela Kelly at 406.580.3747.

About the author:

Author Janet Muirhead Hill brings a heart full of love to these books, conveying her deep affection and concern for children and her experience and connection with horses. With this passion for children, Janet draws on her humble beginnings to depict both the joys and the struggles children face in adapting to the changes around them. She writes from her rural Montana home which she shares with her husband and her granddaughter, Jayme. With three of her children and five grandchildren nearby, three horses, and other pets to care for, Janet’s life is busy and fulfilling.