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US Equestrian Federation Unveils 2005 Rule Book; New Rules Effective December 1, 2004

US Equestrian Federation

Lexington, KY—Without further ado, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is pleased to unveil the new and improved 2005 Rule Book, designed to help set the tone for the coming competition year with not only a brand new look, but also complete with easy-to-understand modifications. This latest edition represents the first stage of a massive reorganization project, led by the Ad Hoc Rules Reorganization Committee. The central goal of this project is to provide the best customer service to members and to make the Rule Book more user-friendly for everyone.

Some of the modifications in the latest edition include rule numbers in place of article numbers, corresponding two-letter prefixes in front of rules (also reflected in coordinating page numbers), and a minor reorganization of definitions, which are now listed in alphabetical order. The entire 2005 Rule Book, and its specific changes in regard to the look and content are outlined in detail and can be found on-line at, under the Rules header on the left side of the webpage.

Federation members are entitled to one complimentary hard copy of the Rule Book (either book or CD) with membership renewal. This copy can be requested by checking the box provided on the membership renewal form. The 2005 Rule Book will also be offered to Contributing USEF members for a nominal fee of $10; non-members can purchase a copy for $20. USEF members can purchase additional copies of the 2005 Rule Book or CD by printing a form from the USEF Orders heading, also on the left side of our webpage. Licensed Officials, Officers, members of the Board, life members, platinum members, competition secretaries, competition managers, and affiliate organizations are automatically sent a hard copy of the rule book, unless a CD version is checked on the membership renewal form.

The next phase of the Rule Book project will focus on streamlining the general rules sections, both in content and in organization. To voice comments or questions about the 2005 version, or to make suggestions for the upcoming versions, please contact Mary Smith, Director of the Licensed Officials Department, by fax on (859) 231-6662 or by e-mail at