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Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol Saddles Up to Protect Super Bowl Visitors

Press Release

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Visitors to Houston for Super Bowl XXXVIII on February 1 will experience hospitality -- and security -- Texas-style. Troopers with Texas-based Alpha & Omega Mounted Security (A&O) will patrol The Woodlands Town Center Improvement District where many visitors and Super Bowl staff have their headquarters for the two-week pre-game festivities and preparations. A&O Troopers are experienced in sports event security; many rode in patrols for World Cup Soccer in Dallas. All have patrolled at shopping malls, massive camping and music festivals and amphitheaters nationwide. The Troopers and their horses must pass a stringent certification class and on- the-job training to qualify for major event posts like the Super Bowl.

Frank Keller, founder and CEO of Alpha & Omega, describes the A&O Troopers as ambassadors for Texas as well as a kind of police force on horseback. Riders with state-of-the-art communication become the eyes and ears for the official law enforcement entities. But they also serve as a significant crime deterrent and offer peace-of-mind to the public.

"A red-shirted, uniformed rider sitting astride a 1,500-pound horse is very visible to the people in crowded venues," explained Keller. "Troopers have a 360-degree range of vision allowing them to see over the masses of people. Plus, criminals see them and will likely take their illegal activities elsewhere. The horses can be very intimidating to someone with crime in mind, yet law-abiding people love them and are pleased to have them for protection."

Alpha & Omega is the nation's oldest and largest mounted patrol enforcement unit. Troopers and their horses are drilled in many crowd management specialties including vehicle extraction, emergency unit escort and traffic management. The company has riders in 21 states across the country. Uniformed Troopers with their powerful horses protect the public at music festivals, amphitheaters, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), arenas, and mass gatherings across the country.

Alpha & Omega patrols have guarded fans at Woodstock 94, Las Vegas Strip New Year's Eve 2000, and concerts by Phish, Metallica, Jimmy Buffet, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. The company assembled the largest private cavalry ever gathered in 2002 and 2003 for the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee which attracted 80,000 fans each summer. In 2003, A&O Troopers traveled a collective 150,000 miles to fulfill their security posts.