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The Equine Ice Wrap - EQ Vet Pack

Horse Tack - First Aid

Liquid Ice™ is a revolutionary new technique for cooling and compression. This ready-to-use, moist bandage cools quickly and gradually to reduce excess swelling and discomfort after injuries. Simultaneous compression enhances this effect.

The Liquid Ice EQ Vet Pack has been developed and tested under the supervision of a group of International Veterinary Surgeons who have tested it within the guidelines of Jockey Club regulations.

The Vet Pack contains 2 Wraps and 1 Recharger. The Recharger can be used instantly with your wraps there is no need for refrigeration.

The Wrap comes impregnated with the specially formulated Liquid Ice™ solution, which works on the principle of rapid evaporation once the wrap, is applied to the horse’s leg.

The Recharger is an aluminum bottle containing 8oz / 240ml of concentrated Liquid Ice™ Recharger solution. The bottle provides enough solution for up to 20 bandage applications.