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2008-12-08 Supple Your Horse's Poll2008-11-02 3 Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Horse is Crossing His Legs Enough in Leg Yields2008-10-20 Set Up For Success2008-09-18 What are the Aids to Train My Dressage Horse to Leg Yield?2008-08-28 Stop Horses from Stomping2008-08-04 Ground Training is the Key to Reading the Horse and Overcoming Fears2008-04-07 Minding Manners at Feed Time2008-04-02 Benign Antagonism - Strengthen Your Horse's Weaker Hind Leg2008-03-26 Julie Goodnight Tip of the Month - Disengagement 2008-03-17 4 Tips to Improve Leg Yields2008-03-03 A Solution for the Nappy Horse2008-02-19 Check Your Bit Fit2008-02-05 Benign Antagonism Part 3 - Getting Your Horse to Bend2008-01-07 Haltering and Tying Horses2008-01-03 Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead Every Time!2007-11-30 Customize Your Horse's Training - Part 22007-10-31 Customize Your Horse's Training - Part 12007-10-29 Keep Your Horse Happy with Proper Saddle Fit 2007-10-27 Learn to Ride with Soft Hands2007-09-01 Training Tips For The Spooky Horse2007-08-22 12 Essential Things You Must Know to Put Your Horse On the Bit2007-07-23 2007-07-19 Fear Not2007-07-14 Going in Circles to Change Direction2007-07-10 2007-06-17 Keeping a Horse's Attention2006-12-27 Training Mythunderstandings: Horse-Logical Communication Starts With Grooming2006-10-25 Julie Goodnight Releases Three New DVDs in Principles of Riding Series 2006-10-17 Early Lessons for the Green Horse2006-06-29 A Good Start Avoids Bit Evasions 2006-06-19 2006-06-09 Riding the Better Side of Bucking2006-05-23 Mastering "Natural" Horsemanship2006-04-24 The Importance of Directing Every Stride2006-03-28 Hot topic, hot solution - Curb Bits2005-11-28 Recipes for Riding2005-10-28 Horse-Logical Communication Starts With Grooming2005-10-18 Choosing Bits2005-09-11 Longe Line Training2005-08-23 Advanced Heeding - Teaching Your Horse to Stand2005-08-20 Aids Versus Cues2005-08-11 Overcoming Riding Fears2005-07-05 Tools of the Training Trade: Lesson Plans2005-06-02 Applied Heeding: Loading the Disobedient Horse2005-05-25 New Video! "Special Horse Training Aids"2005-05-23 Applied Heeding: Loading the Scared Horse2005-05-03 Training Mythunderstandings - Using Pressures To Shape The Horse2005-04-19 Applied Heeding: Basic Trailer Training2005-04-09 Applied Heeding: Handling Stallions2005-03-25 Advanced Ground Control: Heeding - Part 3 of 32005-03-23 Working In Corridors: Heeding - Part 2 of 32005-03-21 "Leading" Is Misleading: Heeding - Part 1 of 32005-03-14 Handling Foals, Weanlings and Yearlings: Building a Foundation for Success - Parts 1 thru 6 2005-03-13 Breaking Vs. Training2005-03-06 Round Penning - Building Confidence & Respect Between You & Your Horse2005-03-03 Horse Logic2005-02-28 It's Hard to Get Back to Basics When You Haven't Been There To Start!2005-02-19 Teach Your Horse Flying Lead Changes2005-02-16 Equine Partnering: What is an Independent Seat? Why Do I Need One? Where Can I Get One?2005-02-15 Difficult Horses: Where Do They Come From?2005-01-11 Equine Partnering: Stop Sneaking up on Your Horse 2004-10-17 Equine Partnering: Leading2004-10-13 Teach Your Horse True Collection2004-10-01 Trailer Loading Made Easy2004-06-15 Teach Your Horse to Rollback and Spin2004-02-13 Lunge Your Horse - Correctly

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