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2011-03-16 Andis Introduces Excel 5-Speed With T-84 Blade For Horses
2011-02-21 eZall Introduces NEW! Total Body Wash Green Super Concentrate 5-Pack
2009-05-05 White 'N Brite Shampoo and Body Wash Added to the Vetrolin Family
2009-03-10 Andis Introduces The Power De-Shedder
2009-01-29 Introducing INTENSE EQ Mane & Tail
2008-10-16 Andis Introduces The Groom Clipper For Horse And Cattle
2008-10-14 One Shot Waterless Shampoo
2008-10-12 Andis DVD Features Clipping Techniques BY Dana Boyd-Miller
2008-10-09 Simple Grooming Advice to Help Horse Owners Combat Winter Grime
2008-08-25 The Economics of Grooming
2008-08-17 Best Shot Pet Products introduces Equine Ultra Vitalizing Mist and Detangler
2008-06-22 Team eZall Goes Pink in Support of Breast Cancer
2008-05-08 Absorbine SuperShield Red Fly Repellent & Insecticide Tops the List for Water Resistant Protection
2008-03-31 Mane Pulling
2008-03-20 Andis Introduces New Clippers With Anti-Slip Housing
2008-02-29 HOOFix Hoof Sealer & Polish
2008-02-13 Blanketing Your Horse
2008-01-18 Horse Spa Products Introduces Tail Buckets
2008-01-05 Use the "Scrub" to Stop the "Rub"
2007-12-24 Body Clipping Your Horse
2007-11-08 Good Grooming Practices for Winter
2007-09-11 The Magician Curry Wash
2007-09-10 Stinky Feet... the dangers of thrush
2007-08-13 Coordinated Grooming
2007-07-30 Equinimity Introduces The Ultimate Hoofpick
2007-06-29 Andis' New 4 X 4 Blade Drive Increases Clipper Blade Torque
2007-06-07 Oster's PowerMax Sets New Standard in Power, Performance
2007-04-17 Great Grooming Tips - Make your horse look like a million-dollar show horse, even if he's not, with these great grooming tips.
2007-04-02 Vermont Soap Launches Organic Horse Shampoo
2007-03-08 The Ultimate Hoofpick "The Jackhammer"
2007-02-24 Saving Face: Dive into your grooming regiment face first!
2007-01-16 EquiFit, Inc. Announces Launch of New Silver-Based Products for Equines
2007-01-13 Andis Introduces Handy Blade Carrying Case
2007-01-05 Take the Zap out of Winter Static Electricity
2006-11-21 A little Off the Top -- Horse Clipping
2006-10-24 Andis Company Introduces New Lola Trimmer
2006-09-09 Professional Pet and Equine Skin & Coat Treatment Products Receives Trademark
2006-08-31 Magic Moments
2006-07-19 20 Tips for Tails
2006-07-06 Mane 'n Tail Spray-Away
2006-06-22 Andis Introduces First Lighted Clipper For Horses
2006-06-15 Horse Shave Horse Razor
2006-06-12 Save your Horse from Summer Skin Irritations
2006-06-06 Espree Announces Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray
2006-06-05 Peaceful Mane Pulling
2006-04-30 Pyranha Announces New Water Based Fly Spray Formula and Pyrethrin Shampoo
2006-01-16 Evolved Grooming Newsletter from Lucky Braids
2006-01-06 Absorbine Medicated Shampoo & Spray
2005-12-28 Keep Your Horse Winter White With Cowboy Magic
2005-11-23 Pro Braiding Secrets Revealed On New Lucky Braids DVD
2005-11-18 Andis Introduces Horse Grooming DVD
2005-10-23 EquiScentials Mane & Tail Detangler
2005-09-01 Dover Saddlery Offers Innovative Horse Bathing Options
2005-07-13 Grooming Tips from a Professional
2005-07-08 The Horse Bath Perfected - Dover Saddlery Offers Innovative Options
2005-07-06 Andis Introduces Progress Cattle & Horse Clipper
2005-07-05 EZ-All now available from State Line Tack
2005-05-12 Zonk It! 35 Fly Control Spray for Horses
2005-05-09 Andis Introduces D-4 Rechargeable Horse Trimmer
2005-04-10 Speed Feed Professinal Cordless Trimmer Kit
2005-04-09 QuikClenz One Step Clean & Sheen
2005-04-02 Andis Endurance Line Includes Cattle & Horse Clipper
2005-02-28 Stock up on Braiding Supplies before Show Season Begins!
2005-02-21 Squeaky Clean - Make that equine shine
2005-02-17 3-Speed Horse & Cattle Clipper Available from Andis
2005-02-13 Portable Vac 'N Blo Large Animal Vacuum
2005-02-04 Oster Turbo A-5 Two-Speed Clipper Kit
2005-02-03 Wash & Rinse At The Turn Of A Switch
2005-01-31 Quic Braid by Exhibitor Labs
2005-01-25 Tail Tamer Groomer's Stone
2005-01-24 Shapley's Grooming Kit
2005-01-23 New! Oster Horse Shampoos
2004-12-30 New from Cowboy Magic - Medicated Shampoo for Horses
2004-12-11 New Jelly Glitter Scrubbers!
2004-12-01 The Groom Clipper from Andis Combines Power and Performance
2004-11-29 Travel Bag Horse Grooming Set
2004-10-16 Rio Vista Announces Free Sample of Hoof Manicure Promotion
2004-10-14 Andis Endurance Line Includes Cordless Horse Clipper
2004-10-07 Tips on Buying the Right Horse Clipper Cord
2004-10-05 Advice on Clipper and Trimmer Maintenance from Andis Professionals
2004-09-28 Golden Sheen Horse Shampoo
2004-09-25 3-In-1 Hoof Pick from Rio Vista
2004-09-03 Espree Horse Products
2004-08-21 Rio Vista Hoof Stix
2004-08-02 Equine Care Series Equine Grooming Towels
2004-07-27 Andis Heavy Duty Endurance Horse Clippers
2004-07-25 Powerful PM-1 Horse Clippers from Andis is Extremely Quiet
2004-07-13 Protection for Horses from Mosquitoes
2004-07-10 Nature's Defense Fly Repellant for Horses
2004-07-07 Cheval International Horse Coat Enhancers
2004-06-29 Cut Grooming and Horse Care in Half with Red Rum Wipes!
2004-06-27 Fly Gone 7000 Fly Control for Horses from Horseman's Dream
2004-06-09 Rapid Scrub . . . one step horse grooming and bathing!
2004-06-01 Wipe N' Spray Fly Control For Horses
2004-05-27 No-Fly Zone for Horses
2004-05-22 The Buzz on Protection from Mosquitoes
2004-05-04 The Rio Vista Grooming Stone offers a Gentle Approach to Horse Grooming
2004-03-23 Dressage from Rio Vista
2004-03-18 New from Absorbine - Santa Fe Grooming Products

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