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2011-01-08 Take Your Ride Outside in Stride - Kerrits Releases New Protective Breeches
2010-03-03 Centerline - Fresh new jewelry for the dressage rider!
2010-01-06 Rookie Reiner - Rookie Reiner
2009-11-09 Lessons Well Learned - Why My Method Works for Any Horse
2009-09-15 Jumpline Designs Introduces The "Pole" Collection Enamel Jewelry for the Sophisticated Equestrian
2009-06-14 Horse Training In-Hand - A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground
2009-03-13 Trafalgar Square Releases First-Ever Guide to Eco-Friendly Horse Care
2009-01-14 Ride Horses with Awareness and Feel
2009-01-13 The Complete Guide to Hunter Seat Training, Showing, & Judging
2008-11-19 New children's book from Eclipse Press. Just in time for the holidays!
2008-09-10 Trafalgar Square Books Releases Human to Horseman by Rick Lamb
2008-05-29 Beyond the Track - Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse
2008-02-06 Horseware Introduces Waterproof Flysheet Liner
2007-12-11 New Book "Horse Harmony: Understanding Horse Types & Temperaments" Helps Riders Find Perfect Horse Partners
2007-12-01 Horse Tack Review Holiday Gift Guide
2007-11-27 Five Fundamentals That Translate Under Saddle for a Safer Ride
2007-11-25 Horse Gifts
2007-11-25 Gifts for Horse Lovers
2007-11-09 Riding Logic - Transform Riding Skills into Art on Horseback with Classical Lessons in Flatwork and Jumping
2007-11-04 Stocking Stuffers for Horse Lovers
2007-11-02 Horse Tales for the Soul, Volumes 6 & 7 Are Available in Time for the Holidays
2007-10-24 Longeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat
2007-10-23 Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up? 101 of the most perplexing questions answered about equine enigmas, medical mysteries, and befuddling behaviors
2007-09-28 The New Rambo Luggage Range from Horseware Ireland
2007-09-27 Build Complete Confidence with Horses by Kelly Marks
2007-09-20 New Nuzzle Pony Bag
2007-09-19 Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind
2007-07-20 Saddle Up for 'My Horse and Me!'
2007-05-09 Back to Work - How to Rehabilitate or Recondition Your Horse
2007-03-18 Trafalgar Square Books releases completely revised "Horse Schools"Trafalgar Square Books releases completely revised "Horse Schools"
2007-01-25 Welcome Books Announces The Big Book of Horses
2007-01-18 Donne & Cavalli Introduces Three New Products for 2007
2007-01-04 Wind Rider by Susan Williams Now Available from Laura Geringer Books
2006-12-21 Snak-a-Ball Horse Treat Toy
2006-12-14 Breyer Donating Portion of Barbaro Figure Proceeds to New Bolton Fund
2006-12-04 Selecting the Dressage Horse
2006-12-04 Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving
2006-11-14 Giddyup-Gourmet Horse Cookies
2006-10-27 Revered Thoroughbred Pedigree Book Now Available
2006-10-14 The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book
2006-10-05 Revised HORSE BARNS BIG & SMALL Released by Breakthrough Publications
2006-10-04 Searching for the perfect gift for a Horse Lover? Personalize a Knit Photo Blanket!
2006-09-30 Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation, new from Trafalgar Square Books
2006-09-27 Ariat Launches Signature Handbag Line at Ohio Quarter Horse Congress
2006-07-26 The Lyons Press Announces New Summer Titles
2006-07-10 Gaits from God - Discover the Secrets to Owning and Riding Gaited Horses in 3 DVDs
2006-06-28 Stirrups Clothing Company Launches The Trail of Painted Ponies Clothing
2006-06-17 Breyer Creates a Portrait Model of Barbaro to Benefit New Bolton Center
2006-06-11 The Cure For Your Show Ring Jitters
2006-06-08 Ariat Takes The Next Step with Handbag Launch
2006-05-10 101 Dressage Tips by Barbara Burn
2006-05-08 Discover How to Put the Pieces Together for That Perfect, Polished Round! Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation
2006-05-07 Now available on DVD! Training the Modern Jumper by Elmar Pollman-Schweckhorst
2006-02-21 Bestselling Videos Now Available on DVD
2006-02-18 Does Your Saddle Fit?
2006-02-10 What Do You Get When You Answer Your Little Girl's Dream for a Pony? Answer: Mommy, Daddy...You're My Heroes!
2006-02-04 The Natural Superiority of Mules
2006-01-31 All Horse Systems Go -- A New Full-Color Veterinary Manual for Horse Owners that Sets the Modern Standard
2006-01-24 Equine Scents
2006-01-18 New Guide From Eclipse Press for All People Who Work With Horses
2005-12-15 Understanding Equine Hoof Care - Latest in Horse Health Care Series from Eclipse Press
2005-11-03 Training the Modern Jumper
2005-10-24 No Hurdle Too High: The Story of Show Jumper Margie Goldstein-Engle
2005-10-19 The Perfect Distance: National Velvet for the 21st Century
2005-08-16 Become Perfect Partners - How to Be the Owner Your Horse Would Choose for Himself
2005-08-11 The Highly Anticipated New Book from Monty Roberts
2005-07-12 Riding from the Inside Out
2005-07-06 Winsome Adante Named 2005 Limited Edition Breyer Model Horse by USET Foundation
2005-04-09 Leather Goods of Spain Launches New Line to Benefit Breast Cancer Initiatives
2005-04-07 Feeding Your Horse for Life, now available from Half Halt Press
2005-04-06 What Are the Best Kentucky Derbies of All Time?
2005-03-28 Ranch Knit Hanging' Round Wear
2005-03-24 Bodywork for Horses - Techniques You Can Use Yourself
2005-03-20 Believe: A Horseman's Journey
2005-03-15 Lyons Press announces new book, Learning to Ride as an Adult
2005-03-05 Ideal, Famous Oregon Stallion Becomes Bryer Horse Model
2005-02-21 Trafalgar Square Publishing announces new release The Parent's Guide to Horseback Riding
2005-02-08 (you can build) Jumps, Etc.
2005-02-01 Hoofprint-On-My-Heart Bookmark
2005-01-27 Lucky In Love Jewelry Collection
2005-01-13 Horse Show Handbook for Kids
2004-12-30 Apple-oosa - Trail of Painted Ponies Figurine
2004-12-24 The Young Black Stallion Disney's Spectacular Family Adventure Comes To Disney DVD And VHS
2004-12-20 Last minute shoppers? There is still time to get gifts for the horses and horse lovers!
2004-12-15 How to Start Your Horse on Cattle
2004-12-15 Spoil Your Horse Guilt Gift Basket
2004-12-14 Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul
2004-12-12 Derby Bedding Set
2004-12-10 New Equestrian Book, The Power To Win, Now Available
2004-12-03 Montana Stories Feature Strongly at Unique Online Bookstore
2004-12-01 Best Books 2004 Awarded to the Starlight Series
2004-11-25 Horse Santa Cap and Merry Santa Hat for Your Horse!
2004-11-22 Iron And Wood Horse Centerpiece
2004-11-18 Sterling Horseshoe Nail Jewelry from Back in the Saddle
2004-11-16 Horse-Opoly
2004-11-14 Trail of Painted Ponies
2004-11-10 Great Horse Toy - Amazing Graze
2004-11-09 Horse Inspired Novel Reaches New Heights of Popularity
2004-11-07 A Bit Of Elegance Bracelet
2004-11-04 Stocking Filler Solutions from Horseware Ireland
2004-11-01 If I Had A Horse... Book and Dvd Set
2004-10-31 Quessence Rider's Products
2004-10-29 The Twelve Neighs of Christmas CD
2004-10-27 Horse Classics 2005 Appointment Desk Calendar
2004-10-20 Personalized Sterling Bridle Tag, the perfect horse gift
2004-10-18 Let's Ride: Champions Collection Interactive Game for Horse Lovers
2004-10-17 Beyond the Hay Days
2004-10-11 Stirrup Bookmark
2004-10-02 New O'Connor Book Published
2004-09-29 Kerrits Konvertible Packs
2004-09-23 Care and Management of Horses by Heather Smith Thomas
2004-09-19 How To Win Videos - Learn how to win at horse shows!
2004-09-18 Cardenas: Horses And Home
2004-09-14 Comprehensive Interactive Multimedia CD About Horses Released
2004-08-30 Wisdom Of Emerson Plaque
2004-08-27 101 Uses For A Horse Book
2004-08-22 Personalized Copper Signifier
2004-08-19 Wildflower Horse Treats
2004-08-18 Touched by a Horse Inspirational Card Decks Offer Daily Insight and Encouragement
2004-08-10 In A Whisper Video And DVD
2004-08-02 HIDALGO - Epic Action-Adventure Rides onto DVD and VHS on August 3rd
2004-07-29 Saddle Club Stable CD-ROM Game
2004-07-22 Thermal Pink Frolicking Ponies
2004-07-14 Yoga for Equestrians
2004-07-05 Hand Rescue For Horse Lovers
2004-06-27 Free For All Tile Mural
2004-06-19 Heavenly Horses!
2004-06-10 Stretch Exercises For Your Horse
2004-05-30 Father's Day Gifts for the Horse Dad
2004-05-26 New products available from Horse and Pony Sales!
2004-05-25 Equestrian Charm Bracelet - the perfect gift for a horse lover
2004-05-20 Families Reconnect on Equestrian Vacations in Ireland
2004-05-06 Horse Gift and Books - Care and Management of the Older Horse
2004-05-01 SHOWTIME! the Book is Now Available
2004-04-11 Plaid Equestrian Bag and Boot Collection
2004-04-10 Al Dunning Video Series
2004-04-07 Horses Never Lie Book
2004-03-26 Horse Gift - Time To Tack Up!
2004-03-22 The Balance Necklace, a perfect gift for the horse lover
2004-03-08 Cross Country International's Costa Rica Trail Ride Named One of the "Best Vacations of 2004" by Outside Magazine
2004-02-17 Great Horse Gift or use it yourself for your next Barn Bash!
2004-02-11 Wyoming Mom Produces Cowboy Videos for Kids
2004-02-02 Valentine's Day Gift for Horse Lovers
2004-01-25 Looking for a Valentine's Day Gift for the Horse Woman in your Life?

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