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Nurtural Horse

The Nurtural is the opposite of any traditional headstall since it’s not holding something in the mouth, therefore can and must sit loosely all over the head. We recommend that you be able to slide your flat hand easily under every strap.\nThe Nurtural has a solid poll band so that no direct pressure reaches the sensitive poll area.\nThe Nurtural has the patented Circle-X to anchor the crossing of the straps under the cheek – preventing reinstraps twisting or becoming uneven, making the bridle place gentle pressure on the front of the face and as pressure is applied creating a whole head ‘hug’ for calm, consistent signals.\nThe Nurtural has a ‘grippy’ noseband – contrary to popular surmising – the grippy noseband actually helps seat the noseband in the hair of the face to prevent the bridle rubbing and chafing.\n

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Nurtural No Bit Bitless Bridle in Beta2English Bridles5.0000
Bitless Bridle3English Bridles3.6667
No Bit Bridle Leather with V-Browband1Western Bridles5.0000
Impressive Leather1Western Bridles5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating