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Henri de Rivel (HDR)

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 71

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Pro Show Jumper2Jumping Saddles2.5000
Show Jumper1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Show Jumping Pro6Close Contact Saddles3.8333
Advantage Close Contact5Close Contact Saddles4.4000
Eventer Saddle1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Close Contact5Close Contact Saddles3.2000
Advantage 8Close Contact Saddles3.6250
Henri De Rivel A/O Pro Close Contact Saddle1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
A/O Pro1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
HDR Plain Raised Bridle1English Bridles5.0000
Advantage Jump Saddle1Jumping Saddles4.0000
Show Jumping Saddle2Jumping Saddles5.0000
HDR Advantage Close Contact Saddle1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Dressage Saddle Pad1English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
A/O2Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Advantage w/ foam panel 1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Pro A/O1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Pro Close Contact Saddle4Close Contact Saddles2.5000
Eurocup Saddle1Jumping Saddles3.0000
Pro Figure 8 Bridle1English Bridles5.0000
Close Contact Pro1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
HDR Advantage Eurocup Saddle1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Close Contact Pony Pro1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Henri De Rivel 1Jumping Saddles5.0000
Rivel Denver Classic1Close Contact Saddles3.0000
Event Bridle w/ Rubber Reins1English Bridles4.0000
Rivella Dressage Saddle1Dressage Saddles5.0000
HDR Advantage Plain Raised Bridle1English Bridles4.0000
Pro Fancy Stitched Bridle1English Bridles5.0000
Close Contact Saddle1Close Contact Saddles1.0000
Eventing Bridle w/ Flash1English Bridles3.0000
HDR Pro A/O2Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Pro 1Close Contact Saddles1.0000
Pro Event1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Pony Saddle1Jumping Saddles1.0000
Fancy Raised Padded Bridle1English Bridles1.0000
Advantage Chafeless Girth2English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Rivella Show Jump1Jumping Saddles5.0000
Nylon Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Monoflap - from Rivella line1Jumping Saddles5.0000
HDR Pro Close Contact Saddle1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Figure 8 Jumping Bridle with Reins1English Bridles1.0000
Rivella Close Contact Saddle3Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Stitchless Leathers1English Saddle Fittings/Pads1.0000
Club Close Contact 1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Lined Stirrup Leathers1English Saddle Fittings/Pads2.0000
HDR Pro Buffalo Event Saddle1Jumping Saddles4.0000
Synthetic All Purpose Club1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Presidente Rivella Close Contact1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Advantage Pro Showjumping saddle1Jumping Saddles4.0000
Fletcher2Jumping Saddles4.5000
HDR Pro Figure 8 Bridle1English Bridles3.0000
Devrel Legend 1Jumping Saddles5.0000
Fleece Lined Saddle Cover1English Miscellaneous4.0000
Buffalo 1Dressage Saddles4.0000
Sheepskin Lined Open Fronts w/ Buckle1Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
Pony Pro1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Stirrup Leathers2English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.5000
Silver Clincher Figure 8 Bridle 1English Bridles5.0000
Pro Buffalo Dressage Saddle2Dressage Saddles4.5000
Synthetic Competition Close Contact (Adjust-To-Fit)1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Luxembourg1Dressage Saddles3.0000
Competition All Purpose Synthetic Saddle Adjust-to-Fit1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Plain Raised Bridle1English Bridles3.0000
HDR Pro Jumping Saddle1Jumping Saddles5.0000
Pro Stress Free Figure 8 Bridle1English Bridles5.0000
Pro Buffalo Adjust to Fit Gullet 1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Pro Buffalo Event Saddle1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
HDR Triple Covered Stirrup Leathers1English Miscellaneous1.0000
Pro RTF1English Casual Apparel5.0000
Pro Buffalo1English Casual Apparel4.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating