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EQyss was established in 1991. The founder had a desire to provide and manufacture The finest grooming products available for horses and pets. In his research, he found that the products available for horse and pet owners were products with questionable ingredients, and no requirements to even disclose the ingredients to the public. After learning what was in the products he and his family had been buying to use on their own pets and horses for years, he decided to make human quality product available for those who truly love their companion animals. Products with the finest ingredients without risk of side effects or toxicity. After much research and development, the perfect formulas, human salon-quality formulas, were delivered to the market. To this day, you will find that they are the finest products available for horses or pets. When you use an EQyss product, you can feel confident that you are using a product so safe and effective, that you would not hesitate to use it on yourself.

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 22

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Micro-Tek Spray6Grooming Equipment3.6667
Premier Spray Conditioner1Grooming Equipment4.0000
EQyss Micro-Tek Spray1Grooming Equipment2.0000
Marigold Summer Defense1Fly Control5.0000
Avacodo Mist Spray1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Mikro-Tek Shampoo/Spray1Grooming Equipment1.0000
Micro-Tek Natural Medicated Shampoo1Grooming Equipment1.0000
MicroTek Medicated Gel2Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Avocado Mist2Grooming Equipment3.0000
Survivor 3Horse Health and Well Being4.3333
Mcnasty2Horse Health and Well Being4.0000
Summer Defense Marigold Spray1Fly Control5.0000
Premiere Botanical Shampoo1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Micro-Tek Shampoo/Spray1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Marigold Natural Fly Spray3Fly Control2.3333
Micro Tek Anti-Microbial Wrap and Blanket Wash1Tack Room5.0000
Summer Defense Fly Repellent 3Fly Control3.0000
Summer Defense Marigold Fly Spray2Fly Control3.0000
Survivor Detangler1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Marigold Natural Fly Repellent1Fly Control4.0000
Avacado Spray1Grooming Equipment1.0000
Survivor Super Detangler and Shine1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating